Riverside City Charter Changes - November 3

Riverside City Charter Changes - November 3

City Charter


Riverside City Hall
3900 Market Street
Riverside 92501
Time Range For Action Alert: 
August 1, 2020 to November 3, 2020

Dear League Members and Friends,

On September 18, 2017, the current City Council took the unprecedented step of appointing a representative to fill a vacant term on the City Council for over one year, with the possibility of the appointee serving two full years.

League of Women Voters Riverside (LWVR) believes Riverside’s City Charter “Article IV sec. 404 – Vacancies” must be amended to insure voters are not denied their right to a duly elected City Council representative for more than one year.

We are asking for your support and VOTE for our amendment on the November 3rd ballot         It was approved at the Riverside City Council  Tuesday July 21 -  Agenda Item #37  

The Charter amendment recommendations for the Mayor to have a vote and to review creating an "Inspector General" for Riverisde will be coming to the voters in June of 2021                                       City Council July 21 VIDEO

Much thanks for your membership in Riverside’s League of Women Voters.

Joan Donahue, President
League of Women Voters Riverside

Charter Amendment Proposal – Article IV sec. 404



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