Count on the League to keep you informed.

Count on the League to keep you informed.

LWV Santa Cruz County board members photo from June 2018

In June 2018 the County adopted Vision Santa Cruz County--A Strategic Plan. Many of the issues addressed by the County's Strategic Plan have been the subject of past meetings sponsored by our local League. You can read articles reporting on these meetings in past issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER newsletter (VOTER issues from 2012 to present can be accessed from the newsletter page of our website, and in some cases watch videos of the event through links on our “Videos” page

Here’s a list of some League articles on topics related to goals of the County's Strategic Plan.

Juvenile Justice:
Homeless issues:
  • Homelessness: A Solvable Problem - PDF iconApril 2014, page 3
Affordable housing:
  • Affordable Housing Benefits All - PDF iconApril 2016, page 5
  • Consensus Meeting on Mini-Study to Amend Local League Transportation Position - PDF iconJanuary 2017, page 3
Public safety:
  • Public Safety: Innovations in Law Enforcement - PDF iconOctober 2013, page 3
Climate change:
  • Sea Level Rise with Gary Griggs and Michael Orbach - PDF iconFebruary 2016, page 3
  • Graceful Retreat with Ross Clark -  PDF iconApril 2017, page 5
  • Learning to live with the water we get - May 2015PDF iconMay 2015, page 4
  • Keeping water flowing in Soquel Creek WD: PDF iconJuly 2014, page 3
Substance Use Disorders:
  • Report on the opioid epidemic and Narcan kits:  PDF iconNovember 2017, page 3
  • Report on recovering from substance use disorders: PDF iconMay 2017, page 3
  • An education about SUD prevention and treatment: PDF iconOctober 2014, page 4

Five-part report on our May, 2015 Substance Use Disorders Forum featuring County Sheriff James Hart, Rod Libbey and Jessica Stone of Janus; and Vanessa de la Cruz, M.D., and Bill Manov, Ph.D., of the county health services department.

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