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Message from Allyson Haut, LWV Illinois President (Still relevant today):

March 2021

With April 6 Consolidated Elections around the corner, we should all be making our plan to vote. Having a voice—and using that voice—is a powerful tool at the core of influencing change.

 Our vote is our voice. We know this, and it drives us to the ballot box at every election. How are we to have a voice in between? 

 Our representatives in government are our daily voice. These people need to hear from us. They want to hear from us.  

 We need not be silent if we think they already agree with us. We need not wait until a certain piece of legislation is on the table. What we need to do is share our views all the time, give direction and urge our representatives to pursue the values we care about and hold dear. We need to let our representatives know what is most important to us.

We must be in the habit of contacting our representatives to share our big picture views. “I want the senator to know that I am committed to dismantling systemic racism in my community and I want the senator to be working toward these same goals,” “Affordable Housing is a crucial element in…," "I believe that immigrants…," "Funding for education is..." 

It could not be easier. Especially if you are prepared.

Make a simple plan, so that when you have a concern or thought or a view, your voice is heard. Find those phone numbers and email addresses for your representatives in local, state and federal government.

Write them on a card and put it next to your landline, put it next to your computer. Pick up your smartphone, add them to your address book. 

Start with Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth, keep going all the way through the list to your mayor or village manager.

Take all the steps. Give your views a voice, every day. 

Allyson E. Haut, Ph.D.


League of Women Voters of Illinois