Annual Meeting May 19 2022

Annual Meeting May 19 2022


 League of Women Voters

Of Central Kane CAnnual Meeting May 19, 2022






Minutes from May, 2021 Annual Meeting


Tentative League Calendar


Accomplishments from 2021-22


Status of Action on Program for 2021-22


Committee Activities 2021-22


Proposed Local Program 2022-23


Where We Stand – Local League Positions


Proposed Budget for 2022-23


Proposed Bylaws Changes


Report of the Nominating Committee






Persons in attendance: Jean Pierce, Patti Lackman, Llona & Lynn Steele, Kelly Rotella, Lark Cowart, Nancy Dawn Van Beest, Susan Russo, Marjorie Logman, Mary Ann Naas, Karen Brooker, Margaret Johnston, Janet Craft, Pat Engel, Ellen Gibson, Bill Koehl,

Non-members: Mary & Chuck Brown, Daniel Russo

 Annual Business Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes from 2020 annual meeting for voted on and approved. Llona second, Jean moved.

Susan Russo was elected as the parliamentarian for the annual meeting. Jean moved, Lynn Steele seconded.


● Local LVW has a committee to evaluate whether we should convert to a 501(c)(3). If you are interested in being on this committee contact Kelly.

● Weather permitting outdoor summer picnic.

● Friendly reminder to renew your annual dues

 Proposed Local Program for 2021-2 were shared with the membership. Llona moved to approve the program, Kelly seconded, and the board voted to support the proposed programming.

Local positions on affordable housing, mental health, and higher education were previously shared with membership. Llona moved to retain the positions listed in the packet. Nancy Dawn seconded, and the board voted in favor of retaining these positions.

 Kelly presented the 2021-2 budget. The budget committee was Lark, Llona, Pat Engel, and Kelly. Jean moved, Margaret seconded, to approve the 2021-2 budget as drafted. This motion passed unanimously.

 By-Law changes

● There was a proposal to modify article 4 section 7 of the by-laws to allow board action between meetings. Jean moved, and Karen Brooker seconded, and the by-laws change was approved and accepted language is  

ARTICLE IV Board of Directors Section 7 Action Without Meeting. The directors may take action between meetings by mail or e-mail when necessary, provided that notice of the proposed action sets forth the proposed action, is approved in writing by all of the directors entitled to vote with respect to the subject matter of the action. The ballot must be evidenced by a written approval, which sets forth the action taken. Ballots shall be filed with a report of the action and shall be a part of the minutes of the next meeting of the LWVIL Board.

 ● There was a proposal to amend article 5, sections 1 and 2 of the by-laws to formally have a 3rd VP elected in odd numbered years. Jean moved, Kelly seconded.

● There was a motion to suspend the business meeting until after the presentation. Patti moved, Kelly seconded and all voted in favor. The annual business meeting resumed at 8:36 p.m. ○ The by-laws changes were approved:

ARTICLE V Officers

■ Section 1: Enumeration. The officers of LWVCKC shall be a President, a First Vice- President, a Second Vice-President, a Third Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Any elected office may be shared by up to three people.

■ Section 2: Election, Qualifications and Term. Officers shall be voting members and shall serve until their successors have been elected or appointed and qualified. Officers shall be elected for terms of two (2) years by the general membership at the Annual Meeting and take office at the beginning of the next fiscal year. The President, the First Vice- President and the Secretary shall be elected in the even-numbered years. The Second Vice-President, the Third Vice President, and the Treasurer shall be elected in the odd-numbered years.


● Slate of nominees was presented. Llona moved to accept the slate. Marjorie seconded. The slate was voted and approved and the officers are as follows:

 President2nd Vice President Patti Lackman (2-year term)

3rd Vice President Llona Steele (2-year term)

Treasurer Pat Engel (2-year term)

Director Kelly Rotella (1-year term)

Lore Baker (2-year term)

Nominating Committee Chair Lynn Steele (1-year term) Member Llona Steele (1-year term)

These elected Board members will serve the second year of their terms in 2021-2022:

First Vice President Jean Pierce (2-year term)

Secretary Lark Cowart (2-year term)

Llona moved to adjourn and Pat Engel seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted: Lark Cowart

 Tentative League Calendar 2022/23







May 19-June 27

Early Voting at Kane County Elections and Aurora Satellite


May 31

Last Day for League members to register voters


June 1



Board meeting open to all

June 24-26


Denver and online

LWVIL Convention


June 28



Primary Election


July 6



Board meeting open to all


August 3



 Board meeting open to all


Sept 7



Board Meeting open to all





Candidate Forums


Oct. 5



Board Meeting open to all


Oct. 13





Oct. 20





Nov. 2



Board Meeting open to all


Nov. 8

General Election


Nov. 10









Board Meeting open to all


Jan.  4



Board Meeting open to all


Jan. 28



Program Planning Brunch





Board meeting open to all




Winter party


Feb. 9





Mar 1



Board Meeting open to all


Mar. 9





Mar. 16








Board Meeting open to all


Apr. 13





May 3



Board meeting open to all


May  18



Annual Meeting




LWVIL Convention


Accomplishments from 2021-22


            Created a petition to tell school boards about support for culturally relevant instruction  

            Provided testimony to Kane County Board in support of Solar Field for Judicial Center  

            Bridge Brigade for Voting Rights  

            Bridge Brigade for January 6: Day of Remembrance

            Geneva members contacted City Council to oppose pollution from proposed Amazon warehouse development  

            Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles members spoke at School Board meetings regarding IASB resolutions concerning                        gun violence

            Testified regarding the need for RTA to purchase electric buses, rather than diesel

            Contacted Kane County Board members opposing closing of Mass Vaccination site in the midst of                                               increasing COVID infections when there is still funding available for it


Legislative Interviews

            Senator DeWitte

            Representative Hirschauer

Voter Service:

            Over 70 voters were registered


            Voting Rights – Sen. Durbin’s spokesperson, Sonia Gill, plus a recording from Rep. Underwood  

            Clean Energy: New Laws and Local Initiatives with Mayor Kevin Burns

            Advice from Women Running for Office in Kane County

            An American Summer: Love and Death in Chicago – Follow-up discussion with Steve McHugh & Rick Lathrop

            Climate Action Plans in Our Community

            January 6 and the Electoral College: Why Abolishment is Critical to Preserving Our Democracy

            Braver Angels – Speaking Across the Aisle

 Civic Awareness Series:

                        The Fight for Free Speech –Ian Rosenberg

                        Current Happenings in the Illinois General Assembly - Amanda Vinicky 

                        Critical Race Theory: What it is and What it isn’t – Dr. Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz

                        Vote Her In – Rebecca Sive

                        An American Summer – Love and Death in Chicago – Alex Kotlowitz

                        Ranked Choice Voting: What it is and Why Cities and States are Adopting This Electoral Method – Mayor                                    Dan Biss

Member Events:

Summer and Winter Parties

LWVIL participation by local League

  •  Issues Briefing &   Webinars on  and Lobby Day
  • Patti Lackman,  ; Member of LWVIL Voter Service Committee and Criminal Justice Committee
  • Bill Koehl, LWVIL Environment – Energy Issue Specialist
  • Jean Pierce, LWVIL State Board Director, co-chair of the LWVIL Issues and Advocacy Committee, and                               Educational Funding Issue Specialist 

As members of the LWVIL Issues Committee, Bill, and Jean are part of the Advocacy arm of the State League.  They are responsible for

  • updating League positions and actions in Where We Stand,   
  • monitoring and reporting about legislation and League actions related to the positions
  • initiating Time for Action requests sent to all League members
  • filing Witness Slips with the General Assembly
  • Planning the Annual Issues Briefing which brings together League members from throughout the state with legislators and other leaders who affect policies regarding our positions
  • Planning other Webinars, including Lobby Day
  • Planning and collecting data from Legislative Interviews
  • Recommending Action Priorities and Program planning for the State League


Status of Action on Program for 2021-22


            Focus: Climate Change

            Goals: Develop an awareness of and the need for effective actions to address climate change and sustainability                          in the Fox Valley.                                                                       

Advocate for local policies that protect the environment.

Plastics and Composting– Education about citizens’ initiatives

CEJA- Prairie State

Participate with LWV Climate Action Plan for regional action (GRC2)

            Status: Advocated for solar farm in Geneva

                        Advocated through local municipalities for the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA)

                        Sponsored program educating members about the Climate Action Plan for Regional Action

 Affordable Housing with a focus on Diversity:

Goals:  Educate

            Advocate at the state and local levels for regulations/laws

            Create tools such as elevator speeches and palm cards

Status:  One affordable housing development is being planned for the east side of Geneva. So far it does not       appear to be controversial.

Explore ways to diversify our membership

            Status: Created a DEI policy which is to be posted prominently on our website and publications.

LWVCKC is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice and understand these principles are central to the organization’s goals.   

 The rest of the policy is to be posted at the bottom of the home page:

 "There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, race, native or indigenous origin, age, generation, sexual orientation, culture, religion, belief system, marital status, parental status, socioeconomic status, language, accent, ability status, mental health, educational level or background, geography, nationality, work style, work experience, job role function, thinking style, personality type, physical appearance, political perspective or affiliation and/or any other characteristic that can be identified as recognizing or illustrating diversity."

 Charge to the DEI Committee:

  • Identify one or two of the prioritized areas on which to focus initially 
  • Create a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame) goal(s) related to the identified area
  • Identify necessary steps to achieve that/those goal(s)
    • Suggest activities, programs, and partnerships that may assist in reaching the identified goal
      • E.g. have a panel discussion with the city DEI committee/coordinator
      • Offering the event in multiple languages

 Voter Services 

Mission: Promote informed and active participation in government by providing the public with accurate and nonpartisan services and information on elections and public issues.

Goals: Expand our Voter registration at the local high schools.  

Increase number of volunteers assisting with candidate forums

            Status:   Editing Making Your Voice Heard to make it relevant for students.

                        Meeting with school officials to ensure that the League can register students in their schools

                        Arranging for the League to register voters who are being detained (not convicted) in jail



Committee Activities 2021-22


Communications – Lynn Elam

 Legislative interviews – Jean Pierce   

The following members participated in planning and/or conducting remote Legislative Interviews with Rep. Maura Hirshauer and Sen. Dan DeWitte:   Deb Banion, Ellen Gibson, Kasia Gullang, Bill Koehl, Jean Pierce,    

 Membership  -  Jean Pierce  and Nancy Dawn Van Beest

Current membership is 76.

Membership Vision:   Our Membership vision is to be an active, diverse and energized chapter with enough member participation to 1) field activities in program areas every year, 2) be effective in educating the central Kane County area about LWV's positions on issues and democracy in general, and 3) take effective action on our issues." 

A Membership Committee needs to be formed to work on the following goals identified by the Board:

How to grow membership:

  •  partner with other like-minded organizations which are already working in the community instead of doing everything all ourselves.
  • Some publicity ideas were mentioned such as purchasing ads to air in movie theaters and venues such as the Arcada event center.     
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Members who want to help with communication should be directed to training and pairing up with communication directors from other area chapters

Keeping Members Engaged:

  • Directors be responsible for a certain task; persons interested could be directed to a specific director.
  • Pair new member with a mentor and make certain that they hear that we care about them as a member. 
  • New member gathering in person or on zoom
  • We have too many agendas.  Maybe we should highlight a couple of activities.  We should also define committee responsibilities and define roles. 
  • Give League awards, to a League member or a community member who embodies League values—before joining the Geneva/St Charles LWV in 2010 LWV Batavia had such an award—the Nancy Allen award which received much publicity in the media.
  • Have a League presence at community events
  • Mentor new members
  • Have a “Get to Know Your League Leadership” feature on the website once a month.

Environment Committee Annual Report – Bill Koehl

 Status of Action on Program for 2021-22

Advocate for local policies that protect the environment.

 Solar Farm in Geneva:

Several league members spoke at a Kane County hearing in August in support of a solar farm being installed next to the Kane County Judicial Center in Geneva. 

The measure was approved, construction should begin this spring.

 Plastics and Composting– Education about citizens’ initiatives

There are no plastics reduction ordinances in the Tri-City area of Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles

There is a new anti single use plastics coalition: Fox Valley Environmental Coalition.

They hosted a survey on preferences about plastic bag use in March.

The results are pending.

 CEJA- Prairie State advocacy

During the spring session several members of the League organized and advocated for Batavia and Geneva City council support for CEJA. The councils were concerned about the cost of the proposed legislation as well as the possible complications with their bonds and long term contracts with Prairie State.

The original bill would have included taxes and fees on fossil fuel power plants to pay for its programs. But those provisions were removed and it is now paid for by ComEd and Ameren rate payers, but not by anyone in a town served by a municipal utility.

The closing date was moved back from 2030 to 50% at 2038 or close with a final closing date of 2045. 

 CEJA- Prairie State enacted

The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act has been enacted and is no in the implementation phase that may take up to a year for some of the programs to become fully funded, have programs designed and developed and staffed.

The law does require closing all fossil fuel power plants starting in 2030 and ending in 2045.

Those creating the most pollution close soonest with some yet to be built natural gas plants and Prairie State to close last.

 Participate with LWV Climate Action Plan for regional action (GRC2)

In September, the League hosted a webinar with guest speaker Mayor Kevin Burns.

The program was on new laws and local initiatives including the MMC’s 2021 Climate Action Plan for the Chicago Region.

 In December, the University of Illinois released the preliminary report called a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study about the prospect of installing a carbon capture facility at one of the two Prairie State coal plant boilers.

 The study was paid for by a $14 million federal grant and another $3.75 million from the Prairie State rate mayors.

The carbon capture facility would cost about $2 billion to build and about $200 per year to operate.

An IMEA (the St. Charles electrical supplier) official said that he did not think his members would want to pay that.

 CKC Climate Action Plan

In April, the League will host a program to introduce the CKC Climate Action Plan. The plan will help to educate the community and support the city councils in advancing renewable energy, energy conservation and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

The local Sierra Club group, Valley of the Fox, is also beginning a Climate Action Plan for the regional Kane County area.

 IPCC Report

Important note - the latest IPCC report. This is a slightly optimistic report:

 Another one that focuses more so on a newer focus of the reports:

“While past IPCC reports on mitigating carbon emissions tended to focus on the promise of sustainable fuel alternatives, such as solar and wind power, the new report uniquely highlights a need to cut consumer demand.

"Most people assumed that demand reduction could be accomplished through efficiency improvements," said economic anthropologist Jason Hickel at the London School of Economics. "But the evidence we have now suggests that will not be enough in and of itself."

Without shrinking energy demand, the report notes, reducing emissions rapidly by the end of this decade to keep warming below 1.5 degrees C will be almost impossible.

"Accepting a lower consumption lifestyle is almost the only fast-acting policy move we have left to prevent the disastrous impacts of climate change," said Daniel Quiggin, an environmental researcher at the UK policy institute Chatham House.”

 Voter Service Committee  Annual Report – Patti Lackman

Voter registration

Due to COVID we were again restricted from registering voters in highs schools, we held National Voter Registration Day outside on Wilson Street in Batavia from 630am-600pm. While we registered only 13 individuals we got great public awareness and a great article in the Daily Herald.

 We had a good turnout of Deputy Registrars at out September event at Waubonsee Community College where we registered 27 individuals. Unfortunately we had to pack up early on the first day because of inclement weather. By the time our Annual meeting occurs we will have been at Waubonsee CC for their spring event on April 4 and 5.

 We have 37 Deputy Registrars in our League.  I am hoping more will be available to register voters after the June primary and before the General Election.

 There was a new law enacted in June, 2021 which requires the state board of elections to provide the state board of education with information to share with high school students on their eligibility to register to vote at age 17 as long as they will be 18 by the date of the General Election. The VS Committee has been working on getting that information to the high schools in our area- Batavia, Geneva, Kaneland, Mooseheart, and St. Charles –East and North. We have also met with the Kane County Regional Office of Education Superintendent- Pat Dal Santo and her staff in an attempt to ensure notifications occurs.

 The law also states that

 “No high school may prohibit nonpartisan voter registration activities on its premises.”

 I am hoping that by the time we meet for our Annual Meeting we will have been registering students at some if not all of our local high schools.

 We have also registered voters at The Landings on two occasions and Greenfields on one occasion. Most, if not all, of the registrations were for change of address at these locations.

 We registered voters at events held in conjunction with Northern Illinois Food Bank donation days at both Logan Street MB Church in Batavia and at the Batavia Apartments. We were apprised of both of these events as a result of our membership in the Batavia Chamber of Commerce through heir non-profit group. Meetings are held monthly via zoom.

 We have also started a program for registering voters at the Kane County Jail. Thirteen members signed up as being interested in participating in the jail detainees’ registration process; 9 attended the tour of the jail, and thus far, 6 have gone through the required Kane Co Sheriff’s Office jail volunteer training. Another training is scheduled via zoom for the remaining volunteers. By the time the Annual Meeting occurs, we hope to have participated in 4 registrations at the jail.

Lynn McShane from Kane County Elections came and provided training and refreshers for those interested in becoming and remaining as Deputy Voter Registrars.


Candidate Forums

 We have a forum scheduled for the contested races in Kane County on May 9 at Batavia City Hall. It will be a hybrid format with BATV filming; it will be live on the BATV YouTube Channel and will be available on both our website and the IL Voter Guide. The contested races in the Central Kane Co area are for County Board seats 11, 12, 13 and 15 as well as the Kane County Clerk position. Invitations have been sent out via US Mail.

 LWVCKC is also chairing the candidate forum for the 11th Congressional District with 12 local Leagues participating. The forum will be a hybrid forum with BATV FILMING; it will be live on BATV’s YouTube channel and will be available on the entire participating local Leagues’ websites and IL Voter Guide.  There are 7 Republican candidates running for the position. Incumbent Democrat Bill Foster is unopposed. The candidate forum for that race is Wednesday, May 11 at Batavia City Hall. Invitations have been emailed to the candidates. Jan Dorner from Elmhurst LWV will moderate.

 LWVCKC is also chairing the forum for the Illinois Supreme Court 2nd District and the Illinois Appellate Court- 2nd District races with 9 local Leagues participating. There are 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats running for the IL Supreme Court vacancy and 3 Democrats running for the 2nd Appellate District vacancy. Each of these will be held separately via zoom on May 17. Barb Laimins from the Wheaton League will be Moderator.  Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Anne Burke will give videotaped opening remarks.

 Observer Corps

 There were two training sessions held by LWVIL Voter Service for the purpose of training members to be Observer Corps trained Leaguers. Of those trained, 3 have expressed interest in participating as Observers. There is a need for leadership and coordination of this effort.

 Making Your Voice Heard

 The program was updated with new information by Susan Russo. In February we held a pilot demonstration for local high school students to review and critique the program. Although Making Your Voice Heard was not produced with the idea of providing it to students, but rather community groups who provide services to underserved populations, the majority of the programs are in fact presented to students. We received great feedback from the students who participated. A new project will be considered for presentation to students groups, with input in the planning from students themselves.

 Even though we were restricted from much face to face activities LWVCKC managed to continue to get the word out about the importance of voting.

                                                                                                            Patti Lackman


 Proposed Local Program 2022-23

It is proposed that the following initiatives be the Action Focus of Central Kane County advocacy for 2022-23

● Climate change

            We need to monitor local actions – what steps are being taken for clean energy?

● Assaults on Democracy in our own area that we have seen recently – particularly threatening School Boards and Libraries

            We need to engage in education and advocacy. This includes presenting a series of programs addressing topics   such as

  • Basics of Democracy / What is meant by protecting and preserving democracy / What are civil rights
  • Promoting Civil Discourse
  • How Voting Works / How to be a nonpartisan election judge     

                                                                 Where We Stand – Local League Positions

 LWV Central Kane County Affordable Housing Position

2004 Consensus: The LWV of Geneva-St. Charles supports governmental and community efforts to ensure affordable, safe, and decent housing for the citizens of our towns. During the year 2004-05, the Affordable housing committee in Geneva and St. Charles will examine strategies for improving the supply of affordable housing in Geneva and St. Charles and will recommend appropriate action in this area. 

ACTION: March 4, 2004. Kane County Housing Action Coalition was formed with the leadership of the LWV Geneva-St.Charles league. 

MISSION: The Kane County Housing Action Coalition (KCHAC) is a network with broad-based grassroots participation that advocates for affordable and fair housing in Kane County. 

VISION: KCHAC organizes advocacy efforts by:                                                                                       

• Identifying issues and needs                                                                                                               

• Raising public awareness on the issues                                                                                               

• Collaborating with regional, statewide, and national advocacy efforts                                                  

• Networking through the exchange of education and information. 

Additional information at: Housing Action Illinois

Kane County Housing Action Coalition

Kane County Housing Action Coalition's 2006-07 Value Statement and Action Agenda

1. We believe that state and local housing policy should include all persons regardless of income. 

• We supported the passage of Senate Bill 2290, The Comprehensive Housing  Planning Act and support the continued progress of the Governor's Housing Task Force. Action Steps: We will monitor the    Task Force reports and recommendations and its impact on Kane County. 

• We support efforts by individual municipalities to address the affordable housing needs of its citizenry by adopting policies that will increase the supply of affordable housing. Action Steps: We will monitor the progress of the St. Charles' housing commission. We will meet with local government representatives to encourage them to establish policies to increase the supply of affordable housing. We will report on the accomplishments of the Kane County communities on a yearly basis. 

2. We believe that everyone is entitled to safe, decent and affordable housing. 

• We support the ability of all individuals regardless of source or amount of income to be able to live in areas of high economic opportunity. Action Steps: We will encourage local units of government to adopt source of income protections as part of their human rights protection. We will support efforts to adopt source of income protections on a state level. We will monitor the Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) compliance with the Housing Opportunity Tax Abatement program for landlords participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program. We support efforts to create local rent subsidy programs such as the one managed by Lazarus House. 

• We support efforts to effectively deal with the jobs/housing mismatch in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Action Steps: We will promote REACH Illinois and actively recruit employers to participate. 

• We support community integration for persons with disabilities. Action Steps: We will support efforts to integrate persons with disabilities into their communities. 

• We supported the creation of the Safe Homes Act that provides protections to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in limited circumstances in their rental housing situation. Action Steps: We will support an education campaign and will support efforts to amend the legislation to provide increased protections. 

• We support alternatives to the eviction process. Action Steps: We will support a state campaign to create a model program. 

3. We believe additional funding is necessary to increase the supply of affordable housing. 

• We support the Rental Housing Support program. Action Steps: We will monitor the application process. We will encourage organizations in Kane County to apply for the funds. We will meet with the county to determine what the additional $1 being collected is being spent on. 

• We support efforts to increase the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and oppose efforts to decrease funding. Action Steps: We will support a campaign to modify the Real Estate Transfer Tax to increase funding. We will notify our elected officials of our objections if there is a proposal to decrease funding. 

• We support efforts of local developers to increase the supply of affordable housing in our communities. Action Steps: We will provide developers with letters of support. We will investigate additional action steps we can take as a coalition. 

• We support efforts to create a National Housing Trust Fund. Action Steps: We will participate in the campaign to create a Trust Fund and will meet with our elected federal officials when necessary. 

• We oppose efforts to decrease federal resources for affordable housing. Action Steps: We will monitor activities on a federal level and will meet with our elected officials when necessary.  


 LWV Central Kane County Mental/Behavioral Health and

Intellectual/Developmental Disability Position

Approved by the LWVCKC Board April 6, 2016


Position: The League supports a fully funded comprehensive and coordinated system of treatment, supports, and services for people with mental and behavioral health challenges and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities throughout Kane County.  Funding must be adequate to meet the scope and intensity of needs. This funding should include support from state, county, township, and municipal governmental bodies.  In addition, affordable housing, affordable and accessible transportation, job training, case management, respite, and social and recreational services need support.  Entry into this system should be facilitated by comprehensive and coordinated sources of information that help with finding the most appropriate service providers in the local community.  Funding decisions from all sources should be based on data indicating best practice strategies and supports, which lead to the best health outcomes.  Alternatives to incarceration must be available for people who have mental and behavioral health challenges and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities.  The current crisis in Illinois’ finances is contributing to the needs in these areas.


The following statements describe the situation in 2016 and present justifications for the position.

  • Funding:  Currently, the payment for many services occurs through Managed Care Organizations, either through private insurance plans or through public programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare.  Funding for services has become available for a larger percentage of the population under the Affordable Care Act, but overall funding continues to be inadequate and should be increased.  Both private and public benefits have limitations.  Many private insurance plans require high out of pocket payments that may be impossible for individuals to meet.  Individuals on Illinois’ Home and Community Based Medicaid Waivers (HCBW) are initially placed on waiting lists for services, and may have to travel far from their communities in order to receive services. Waiting list time for HCBW services averages more than 10 years in Kane County.   In addition, Medicaid reimbursement rates set by the state continue to be extremely low, and have not been increased in over a decade.  Funds granted to service providers by state, county, township, and municipal bodies have largely remained the same or have decreased, and these funds are typically limited by legislation and referendum.  Available services vary greatly by location in Kane County.  Additional support from all levels of government and from donors to not for profit organizations is needed.  Some geographical areas lack funding through 708 boards, 377 boards, or county health departments.
  • Housing:  There is a serious shortage of affordable housing options and this especially impacts individuals with serious/chronic mental illness and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities given their life long conditions.  Illinois lags the nation in de-institutionalization and is operating under three consent decrees to accelerate this process.  However, there continues to be a critical need for affordable housing, supported housing, and Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs).  Progress in this area is delayed by a lack of funding and, in some situations, by community resistance to CILAs.
  • Other supports and services:  Many additional services, such as affordable and accessible transportation, job training, case management, respite for caregivers, and social and recreational services are underfunded and unavailable to many.  The services that are available vary widely from place to place.  Kane County lacks a sufficient number of fixed bus routes and paratransit services, especially west of Randall Road.  When these services are not available, this again especially impacts individuals with serious/chronic mental illness and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Access to services:  There are no comprehensive and coordinated sources of information about how and where to seek services, and these should be created.  The 211 phone system, which operates in all but two states, would provide help in finding appropriate local services and in navigating private insurance companies and public supports such as Medicaid.  In addition, an easily accessed on-line resource, either publicly supported or supported through public/private partnership, would also provide guidance in these areas.  Transition planning from school services to adult services should be coordinated and enhanced.
  • Evidence based practices:  Some data supported intervention programs, such as the diversion of offenders to Treatment Alternative court (TAC), have begun to be adopted, and this process should be increased.  All intervention programs and individual services used should be data supported, with a continued and increased focus on health outcomes (instead of health encounters).  Best practice interventions such as Critical Incident Training (CIT), Mental Health First Aid, and Assertive Case Management should be used county wide.
  • Current crisis in state finance:  State grants funding psychiatric services and supportive housing for homeless and mentally ill residents were discontinued in July, 2015.  The failure to reinstate these grants or to refinance them through Medicaid will result in expensive and unnecessary hospitalizations and incarcerations.  In addition, state grants funding respite care, autism services, supportive and supervised housing, and crisis and emergency services for the uninsured have been suspended since July, 2015, due to the lack of a state budget.  Most providers have continued to provide services since then, but are beginning to exhaust their financial reserves.  The failure to reinstate this funding will also result in expensive and unnecessary hospitalizations and incarcerations.


Financing of Public Higher Education Position  (March, 2017)



The Central Kane County League supports sustained allocation of state funds for public higher education that will provide quality postsecondary programs throughout the state.  Objectives for adequate public funding should be to:

  • Provide affordable educational opportunities which foster global competitiveness for the people of Illinois and their employers
  • Eliminate and prohibit barriers to funding higher education: constitutional, statutory, and regulatory
  • Invest in capital construction and long-term maintenance of higher education facilities
  • Attract, maintain, and retain quality teaching staff

In addition, the League supports sustained funding to attract, support, and retain qualified Kane County students through:

  • State-funded, need-based financial aid
  • State-funded merit-based scholarships
  • State-funded grants paying for research assistantships
  • State-subsidized internship

Proposed 2022/23Budget Compared to 2021-22 Actuals  

2023 Budget Compared to July 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022


2021-22 Income

2022-23 Budget

Dues and Donations



Annual Meeting



Total Income







2021-22 Expenses

2022-23 Budget

Annual Meeting

1000 (pass through)








Forums and Remote Meetings



Office Supplies



Paypal Fees



PO Box



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Total Expense




Operating Fund Balance:  $10504.03

Education Fund Balance:  $1547.99


Proposed Bylaws Changes (additions are underlined)

 ARTICLE XV - Conflicts or Duality of Interest Section  1.  Purpose. The purpose of a conflict of interest policy is to protect the LWVCKC’s interest  when it is contemplating entering into a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an officer or director  of the LWVCKC. The LWVCKC Board shall adopt a conflict of interest policy or make revisions therein from time to time.  The conflict of interest policy shall  require that  each director and officer shall annually sign a conflict of interest  statement  consistent  with the terms of the conflict of interest policy then in effect. 


                                                           REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE


The Nominating Committee of the League of Women Voters of Central Kane County recommends the following slate of officers for 2022/23 for election at the 2021 annual meeting.


These members have agreed to appear on the ballot for LWVCKC board of directors:

 1st VP:  Llona Steele*

 Secretary:  Lark Cowart

 Director:  Tammy Caltagirone

 *Llona has one more year to serve as 3rd VP.  Jean Pierce has agreed to be appointed to fill that one-      year vacancy.

 Nominating Committee

Chair                Lynn Steele                                          (1-year term)

Member           Joan Lencioni                                      (1-year term)

Additional nominations for each office may be made at the annual meeting with the consent of the nominee.

 These elected Board members will serve the second year of their terms in 2022-23:

2nd Vice President        Patti Lackman                           (2-year term)

Treasurer                     Lark Cowart                              (2-year term)

 Report Submitted by     Lynn Steele (Chair) of Nominations Committee