Time to Schedule 2nd District Debates

Time to Schedule 2nd District Debates


Time to Schedule 2nd District Debates

Letter to the editor, appearing 9-5-2018

We want to thank U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski for agreeing to three televised debates with her Democratic opponent, Mel Hall, in the race for the 2nd District congressional seat.

We strongly urge her to schedule the dates for those debates with the Hall campaign now, instead of waiting until after Sept. 30.

The League of Women Voters contacted both candidates on May 9, the day after the primary election, with proposed dates and at least four backup dates for each debate.


We’re still excited and ready to host the three debates to which Representative Walorski has agreed. We urge Walorski to confirm the dates with the Hall campaign — and book with us — today!

Voters in the 2nd District need a chance to ask their questions and to compare the candidates’ responses side-by-side in a free and fair debate. Such debates should take place every election season. The people deserve no less.

Judy Bradford
Director of Administration
League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area
Jo Ann Engquist
League of Women Voters of LaPorte County
League to which this content belongs: 
The South Bend Area