Maud Wood Park Award

Maud Wood Park Award

The League of Women Voters Maud Wood Park Award celebrates League members who have served the League by making significant contributions to the growth and strength of the League or to the advancement of civic engagement in our community by promoting voter education, encouraging citizen participation in the democratic process, or advocating for public policy issues. Nominations are accepted from members in good standing of the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area.

2018 - Susan Fischbach 

Susan Fischbach, Recipient of the 2018 Maud Wood Park Award   

2018 - Linda Wolfson

Linda Wolfson, 2018 Maud Wood Park Award Recipient

2017 - Geri Pawelski (r) 

Geri Pawelski (r), 2017 Maud Wood Park Award Recipient                   

2016 Nancy Johnson (r) 

Nancy Johnson (r), 2016 Maud Wood Park Award Winner

2015 Elizabeth Bennion (l) 

Elizabeth Bennion (l), 2015 Maud Wood Park Award Recipient   

2014 - Glenda Rae Hernandez

Glenda Rae Hernandez, 2014 Maud Wood Park Award Recipient   

 2013 Lisa Plencner (l)

Lisa Plencner, 2013 Maude Wood Park Award Recipient