Learn more about League Program.

Learn more about League Program.

In League, Program can be thought of as the League's issues for emphasis. It means the issues that we choose for concerted study, education, and action at local, state and national levels. Program can include all three components -- study, education, and action. 

The Program Planning process is part of what makes the League a grassroots organization; each League member has the opportunity to influence the selection of issues where the local, state, and national League will focus time, talent and money.

Every two years, members of local Leagues engage in national and state Program Planning. Based on the results of this process, the national and state boards of directors make recommendations to the biennial convention delegates about the program to be adopted for the coming two year period. In addition, yearly legislation priorities are set.

Locally, the South Bend Area League also engages in a Program Planning process each year. We review and update our local program, with input from our local member and adopt our Program at the Annual Business Meeting. Our League also works to support yearly legislative priorities identified by the state and national Leagues.

In addition to the adopted Program,Leagues may choose to take action on additional issues that arise, provided there is a position on the issue. For example, our local League might choose to take action on a proposed local ordinance.

Current Program

The Bylaws of the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area provide that the program shall
consist of (a) action to protect the right to vote of every citizen, and (b) those local government issues
chosen for concerted study and action.

For the year 2018-2019, the members voted to retain all current LWV South Bend Area positions, did not undertake any local studies, and adopted a local program focus on issues and principles related to Making Democracy Work, in congruence with the current programs of LWV United States and LWV Indiana, including:

  • Redistricting Reform
  • Voting Rights & Voter Protection
  • Voter/Civic Education
  • “Good Government

Please visit LWVUS and LWV Indiana for information about national and state programs.

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