Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change

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In this letter, Eric Moll, Mason Health CEO and Superintendent of Public Health District No. 1 of Mason County, responds to the League regarding environmental sustainability and climate change.
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ON AB 1080 AND SB 54

(Allen and Gonzalez) The California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Acts

Red sky from Northern California fires
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From Carol Parker, Natural Resources Director

We have all experienced the poor air quality from all the wildfires in August and September. We have seen the smog in our air and the pictures of the horrific orange skies from the Bay Area and other places. We all know that this has been a truly bad start to fire season in the West.


Oversee and support the Oxford Climate Action Plan within the 3-year time limit (2020)
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The County of San Mateo is updating its Climate Action Plan.  The goal of the plan is to create strategies and programs to reduce the impact of human activities on climate change.  The County's Office of Sustain

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Heat records are being broken, glaciers are melting, and the seas are rising. We have
reached a point where no matter what we do, we cannot avoid a very different climate


Support efforts throughout Yolo County to adapt to climate change and to reduce (mitigate) greenhouse gas emissions in various sectors.


Support for prudent management of water resources, both surface and underground to insure quality of water in the Cache Creek watershed, one of Yolo County's major resources of ground water.
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Jun 18 2020 - 1:00pm

Join our webinar “Saving Food from Waste in SD”, on June 18 at 1 pm. Hear from City of Oceanside’s Environmental Officer Colleen Foster and ProduceGood’s Executive Director of Programs and Outreach Nita Kurmins Gilson on successful programs in North County. You must register to attend.