LWVO Position on Education Finance

LWVO has a long history of interest in Fair School Funding. Here are key positions which serve as the basis for our advocacy.

1. LWVO supports a funding system for public elementary and secondary education that is accountable and responsive to the taxpayers. LWVO believes that public funds should be used only for public schools.

2. LWVO supports a guarantee by the state of a realistic level of per pupil expenditure in all school districts…

3. State aid should be distributed to compensate for variations among school districts in their ability to raise local revenue to fund education.

4. The state aid formula should be calculated to reflect: a. the actual costs to school districts for state-mandated programs; b. meeting the educational eeds of the children within the district; c. consideration of the economic/geographic characteristics of school districts statewide.

5. Individual school districts should be required to assume a reasonable share of the financial burden and should retain the option of increasing per pupil expenditure beyond this level through local taxes.

For more information on LWVO's postion on Education Funding, read LWVO Agenda for Action 2019-2021 -- refer to pages 21, 22, 23 Read Here

Fair School Funding Plan

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