Insight - #TrustedInfo

Insight - #TrustedInfo


Below is a link to a Capital Community Media video.  The Capital Community Media Center provides local content, education and a platform for people who want to hear and be heard by their communities.  They believe that “All people in a democracy have the right and responsibility to take part in the decisions that affect them and their communities.”  A quote from their website:  “Freedom of speech is vital to a healthy democracy and is guaranteed in the First Amendment.  Capital Community Media provides the community with the opportunity for political, cultural, artistic, spiritual, and individual expression.”  And they are funded by Marion County and the City of Salem.   

The video, entitled Insight #TrustedInfo, is an interview with the Secretary of State’s Director of Communications, Ben Morris.  It is part of a campaign with the same title by the Secretary of State, which is designed to give Oregonians elections information they can trust before or misleading information begins to spread.  I found the video to be both interesting and useful.  It covers how to detect misinformation and it also covers Oregon’s vote-by-mail process: its security and reliability.

The state LWVOR encourages you to have a listen.  When my husband viewed the video he discovered that voters can actually find out if and when their vote is actually recorded in an election on the Secretary of State’s website.  I hope you will learn something new as well when you have a listen.



If you wish to learn more about the Capital Community Media Center their website can be viewed here.  (This is not a LWV managed site.)






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