Know Your Estuary Recordings available NOW

Know Your Estuary Recordings available NOW



Egyptian Theater
2229 S. Broadway
Coos Bay Oregon 97420
Oregon US
Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm






Coos Bay Estuary and Its People:

Past, Present, Future


Why it matters:  Proposed developments can affect key estuary functions.  Choices made today regarding uses must be based on understanding the estuary and how it works. Come and learn more about this important natural resource.


A Panel of Professionals Discussed:

Tribal uses, past and present

History of industrial and community developments
What lives in it and how it "works"
Jobs, current and future

Food, recreation, and enjoyment


on November 8th at the Egyptian Theater

Recordings of this presentation are available NOW!











We have separated the presentation into 2 parts with each video being no more than an hour in length.  We have also provided time markers for when each section within the video starts. 


 Part I

- Welcome & Introduction - at the start

- History of development and the people & institutions who are working to understand & communicate about the estuary - 16 min. mark

- Organizations that educate & do research - 44 min. mark 


Part II

- Shellfish in the estuary - at the start

- Tourism & Recreation - 20 min. mark

- Organisms that live in the estuary - 29 min. mark



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