The League of Women Voters of Arlington supports Resource Management --The urbanization ofArlington has made issues of resource management an increasingly significant mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

RECREATION (2000; 2016, 2017)

The League of Women Voters of Arlington supports Resource Management --The urbanization ofArlington hasmade issues ofresource management an increasingly significant mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). To meet these increasingly complex responsibilities, the League of Women Voters of Arlington supports:

  1. The update and periodic review by DPR of its strategic plan to create a charter that is realistic about limitations and opportunities.
  2. The enhancement and utilization of an attendance/use records system that captures data needed to identify populations served by the department and clarify which programs have the most broadbased community support.
  3. The assumption by DPR of additionalresponsibilities onlyif a program will meet a defined, measurable need, has broad-based community support and if resources are first committed to the implementation of these responsibilities. Broad-basedcommunity supportis considered involvement at the community base closest to the source of delivery of services.
  4. The allocation of adequate funding/staff to the maintenance of natural and human-made resources, without undue reliance on the use of volunteers, as well as continuing exploration of further ways to forge public and private partnerships to acquire additional resources.
  5. Exploration of the use of new technologies (e.g., "green buildings") and of new surface materials to address the concentrated use of athletic fields.

Meeting the Needs and Interests of All - Given that fees cover the personnel and equipment expenses for programs for those who can pay, DPR funds a number ofprograms and services to meet the needs and interests of those who cannot pay, the League ofWomen Voters of Arlington supports:

  1. Placing a high priority on concern forthose residents most in need and locating services near them.
  2. The policy of the Sports Division that gives priority to youth and residency.
  3. Clarification ofpriorities in divisions (otherthan the Sports Division) among populations served: youth vs. adults,residents vs. nonresidents, for example.
  4. The allocation of adequate funds for programs designed to meet the nontraditionalneeds ofimmigrants and refugees (such as ESL and homemaking classes).
  5. Experimenting with new techniquesto increasefree enrollment and the use of the sliding fee schedule option for those who cannot afford to pay for fee- charging activities.
  6. Looking for ways to bring classes that charge fees elsewhere to lowincome neighborhoods where they are not offered.
  7. Continuing the exploration of opening community center space toprivate groups or to the schools to provide day care for preschool children.
  8. The continuance by the Cultural Affairs Division of reaching out to the corn,unitybyproviding programs to under-served areas with emphasis on programs for youth. Community Building DPR's vitality reflects the energy and imagination of staff and residents who have initiated new programs that not only contribute to individual wellbeing, but also contribute to Arlington's sense of community.

The League of Women Voters of Arlington supports the initiation by DPR of serious public discussion of:

  1. The community's andDPR's environmentalrole in maintaining and preserving the landscaping andpark areas.
  2. Transportationservices that will make DPR sites and programs more accessible to all.
  3. Ways to reduce friction among competing constituencies, challenging community advisory groups to assist in thisprocess.
  4. The possibility of constructing a performing arts center at Courthouse Plaza, if this item appears in the County's Capital Improvement Plan.
  5. The need for and feasibility of constructing a modern community swimming facility.
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