Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll

Thank You to these Generous Donors!

We thank the following donors to the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area and/or the LWVCA Education Fund for their contributions made from May 2022 - April 2023.

Thank You! from LWV


Every effort is made to keep this list accurate. Please contact us to notify us of any errors or omissions.

Lydia Chapin Taft Level ($5,000 and above)

  • The Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation
  • Harriett S. Iglauer Fund #2 of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Howard Mayer

Celia Lazarus Level ($1,000 - $4,999)

  • Alice B. Schneider
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Beth Rosen & Pamela Cobey
  • Burton Roehr
  • Carolyn Miller
  • Hera Reines
  • Kathy Shahani
  • Marjorie Davies
  • Matt Rice
  • Nancy Dawley
  • The Donors of Cincinnati Community Shares

Agnes Hilton Level ($500 - $999)

  • Ayers-Johns Family Fund
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Elizabeth Solway
  • Helen Rhoad
  • Jean Sepate
  • John Patrick Foley
  • Kern MacVeigh Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Malcolm and Glenda Bernstein Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Melissa Currence
  • Nancy Rosenthal
  • Steven F. Warkany


Mary Gorman McManus Level ($250 - $499)

  • Barbara Glueck
  • Eugene Somoza
  • Grace Sferra
  • Lisa Bohman
  • Michelle Simon
  • Patricia Frey
  • Richard Riegel
  • Theresa Fisk
  • Timothy Viezer
  • Veronica McCreary-Hall


Harriet Iglauer Level ($100-$249)

  • Acheson & Vane Giving Fund
  • Acquino Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Adrienne Perez
  • Ann McCracken
  • Brenda Hogan
  • Carol Striker
  • Christopher Cain and Linda Goldenhar
  • Christopher Kelsen
  • Dorothy Janson
  • Emily Thobe
  • Fred Coale
  • Geraldine Kraus
  • Helen Rindsberg
  • Janet Steiner
  • JoAnne Pederson
  • Judy Stober
  • Karlee Hilliard
  • Kit Berger
  • Laborers' International Union of North America Local #265
  • Laurie Johnston
  • Lisa Haglund
  • Louise Stinchcomb
  • Marcia Togneri
  • Margaret Hagar
  • Marilyn Wall
  • Mary Ellen Addison
  • Mary Ronan
  • Meredith Green
  • Patricia King
  • Pepper Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Simon and Slack Charitable Fund
  • Susan Grathwohl
  • Susan Sharp
  • Teresa Harten
  • Tolley Family Fund
  • Zilber Mann Charitable Fund 


Gloria Walker Level ($99 and below)

  • Amy Mello Paul
  • Ann Pettigrew Nunes
  • Anna Rechel
  • Annie Bennett
  • Barbara L. Eden
  • Barbara Ramlo-Halsted
  • Beverly Rosiello
  • Charles "Chot" VanAusdall
  • Christine Jansen
  • Christine Scheadler
  • Clark Beck
  • David Lee Smith
  • Donna Medlock
  • Dorothy Fraembs
  • Gail Koizumi
  • Genevieve Dennison
  • Glenn Ray
  • Gregory Johnson
  • James Cheng
  • James Weber
  • Jeanne Nightingale
  • Jenny Heizman
  • Joan Honeck
  • Jon Boss
  • Kate Nolan
  • Katherine Claybon
  • Kenneth Scheffel
  • Linnea Lose
  • Louise Gomer Bangel
  • Lucia & Donald Hudson
  • Margaret Fanella
  • Marie Kocoshis
  • Marjorie Isaacs
  • Martha Bonvillain
  • Mary Friel
  • Mary Kate Genis
  • Meredith Sue Willis
  • Nikki Orlemann
  • Nina Tolley
  • Patricia (Patty) Kelly
  • Rhoda Brooks
  • Rina Saperstein
  • Sanford Zussman
  • Shelly Ralston
  • Shirley Eiden
  • Stefanie Sunderland
  • Stephen Pucher
  • Steven Buck
  • Susan Donnett
  • Thomas Rinksy
  • Tyrone Yates


In Memory Of

In Memory of Wendy Dierking-Howe
James Howe

In Memory of Helen E. Hunter
John Hunter

In Memory of Anne Duty Hunter
Molly Hunter

In Memory of Donald Rhoad
Shiela Lynch


In Honor Of

In Honor of Wilda D. Shaffer
Clever Crazes for Kids/Building Healthy Lives Foundation

In Honor of Hope the Office Manager
Janie P. Williams

In Honor of Grace Sferra on her birthday for all she does for the community
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

In Honor of Chris Moran
Westwood Women’s Club


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Martha B. Taft Planned Giving Society

The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area would like to thank the following members of the Martha B. Taft Society:

  • Melissa Currence
  • Nancy Dawley
  • Mary Kay Gardner
  • Carolyn Miller
  • Burton Roehr
  • Alice Schneider

Join the Martha B. Taft Society today! Fill out this form and return it to the LWVCA Office at 103, William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, OH 45219.


Our Giving Levels

The League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area remembers the hard work and dedication of our foremothers with our giving levels. With each level, we honor a woman who has made a difference in the civil rights of all citizens.

Our highest level ($5,000 and above) is named for Lydia Chapin Taft, the first woman to vote in Colonial America in 1756.

Our next level ($1,000 - $4,999) is named for Celia Lazarus, LWVCA president from 1950-1952, who was well-known for her fundraising abilities for our local League.

Agnes Hilton ($500-$999) was the second president of LWVCA from 1922-24. She was a suffragist and one of the founders of the Cincinnati Charter Committee and later served as LWV Ohio president.

The Mary Gorman McManus Level ($250-$499) is named for our LWVCA president from 1946-1948, who served as director of Ohio Public Welfare, now known as Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The next level ($100-$249) is named in honor of Harriet Iglauer, who was LWVCA president from 1964-1966 and was past president of the LWV of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She also served on both the Michigan and Ohio State LWV Boards.

The following level ($99 and below) is named for Gloria Walker, who served as LWVCA president from 1989-1991, remembered for her passion for growing our League's membership ranks.

Our planned giving society, the Martha B. Taft Society, is named for LWVCA's first president, who served from 1920-1922 and again in 1932-1934.

We take much inspiration from those who came before us. Thank you for your continued support of the League of Women Voters!