County Government

County Government

The LWVCA supports the modernization of Hamilton County government.

The LWVCA supports the modernization of county government through some form of reorganization, such as adoption of a county charter or one of the alternative forms of county government permitted by Ohio Law.

Criteria to be used in defining/judging “modernization”:

  • The county executive should be appointed by the county governing body.
  • The county executive should have budgetary responsibilities and powers of policy execution and be directly answerable to the county governing body.
  • Hamilton County governing body should have implied powers and some self-taxing ability.
  • The county governing body should be elected in combination method including districts and at-large and should have 5-11 members.
  • Means of citizen participation should be explicitly provided.
  • Members of the county governing body should serve four-year, staggered terms.
  • Means of citizen recourse should be explicitly provided.
  • All county department heads should be appointed.

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