Running for Office

Running for Office

Running for office

"There will always be people in any arena who will know less and know more than you," "The question is, do I care enough? And am I willing to do more of both. More caring and more learning.“ -NPR, How to Run for Office

Running for office can be a rewarding opportunity to spur change and serve your community, whether you win or not. Think about the impact you want to make. Think about what it is that you want to change and use that to figure out what office you want to run for. Pick the problems you want to solve and select the office that best matches the scope of government authority to address those problems.

So, You are Thinking of Running for Office? LWVCA Training Session (March 2022)

Have you wondered about what to weigh as one considers becoming a candidate for a public office in South Carolina? The presentation and recording below can serve as a starting point as you navigate your way through the journey to being an elected official. There are many free resources to review as you contemplate a run or launch a run for office. Be the prepared candidate. 

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Women in Politics

South Carolina is ranked 46th among 50 states with respect to women in elected office. Following the 2020 election, SC now has the most women in our state senate that we've ever had at one time: 5That's progress, but 5 out of 46 means the people who we are electing to represent us are not representative of our demographics. 

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