League Day Reports and Document Library

League Day Reports and Document Library

League members at a presentation

We publish a range of issue papers and resource documents. We also archive materials from past League Days. Events more recent than 2015 are listed individually on the left-hand menu.

2015 League Day - Addressing Climate Change in the Bay Area

Introduction by Linda Craig, President LWVBA

Bay Area Monitor 40th Anniversary - video

Welcome to the new Napa County League - video


  • Keynote Address: Annie Notthoff, California Advocacy Director, Natural Resources Defense Council  Video
  • Panel 1: Measures to Achieve 2050 GHG Targets Gioia, Kirkey, Cohen Speakers plus Q & A  Video
  • Panel 1: Measures to Achieve 2050 GHG Targets (Gioia, Kirkey, Cohen) Questions only  Video
  • Panel 2: Adapting to Sea Level Rise - Gordon, Riordan, Dismore plus Q & A  Video
  • Panel 3: Local Impacts of Climate Change - Bard, Pavel, Burroughs plus speaker Q & A  Video

Individual Speakers

Panel 1: Measures to Achieve 2050 GHG Targets

  • Supervisor John Gioia, member, BAAQMD, Calif. Air Resources Board  Video
  • Ken Kirkey, Planning Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commission  Video   Slides
  • Stuart Cohen, Executive Director, TransForm  Video   Slides

Panel 2: Adapting to Sea Level Rise

Assemblyman Rich Gordon, Select Committee on Sea Level Rise  Video
Bruce Riordan, Climate Change Consultant, Joint Policy Committee  Video   Slides
Linda Dismore (Diz) Swift, member, Berkeley Public Works Commission  Video   Slides

Panel 3: Local Impacts of Climate Change

Jenny Bard, Regional Air Quality Director, American Lung Assn. in CA  Video   Slides
M. Paloma Pavel PhD, Co-Founder, Breakthrough Communities  Video
Timothy Burroughs, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Berkeley  Video

2014 League Day - A New Vision on Bay Area Open Space

Presenter & Affiliation

  • Keynote Address: Wendy Pulling, Director of Conservation Programs, The Nature Conservancy  Video
  • Panel 1: Progress in Open Space - speakers plus Q & A  Video
    • Jeremy Madsen, Greenbelt Alliance
    • Sam Schuchat, CA State Coastal Conservancy
    • Beverly Lane, East Bay Regional Park District
  • Panel 2: Economic Benefit of Open Space - speakers plus Q & A  Video
    • Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
    • Karen Gaffney, Conservation Program Planning Manager, Sonoma County Ag. Preservation and Open Space District  
  • Panel 3: Future Challenges  Video
    • Matt Brennan, Senior Engineering and Hydrologist ESAPWA
    • Nat Seavy PhD, Pacific Coast and Central Valley Research Director, Point Blue Conservation Science
    • Jen Foxx, Executive Director, Bay Area Open Space District

2013 League Day - Water: California's Gold

Presenter & Affiliation

2012 League Day - Housing and the Bay Area's Future

Presenter & Affiliation

Additional League Day 2012 footage available here.

2011 League Day - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Taking it to the Next Level

Presenter & Affiliation

2010 League Day - Big Steps, Little Steps to Addressing Climate Change

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2009 League Day - Water: California's New Gold

2006 League Day - State of The Bay

Issue Papers

Issue papers are intended to explore areas that are still somewhat controversial among Bay Area Leagues and murky in regional decision making processes. The perspectives are NOT an attempt to portray a League consensus or to state League positions. Posting on the League Website with the opportunity for continuing discussion may open new paths in the difficult terrain of regional decision making.

  • Transit Hubs 2002 Transit Hubs for the San Francisco Bay Area (see also Survey in Resource Documents below)
  • LAFCO 2003 Local Agency Formation Commissions

Resource Documents

The documents below include a range of reports, addresses, and goal statements: