Results: LWVB Annual Program Planning Meeting 2019

Results: LWVB Annual Program Planning Meeting 2019


We had a record turnout of 35 members and interested friends who gathered at the Camellia Tea Room to discuss where and how the LWV California and our local league should focus our time, money and resources over the next two years.

The issues we could consider included a wide range in which the State or national League has done a study and adopted a
position. The LWVC has divided these issues into three broad categories, Government, Natural Resources and Social Policy. To see a complete list of these issues go to

We asked members to share their concerns and offer suggestions. We were tasked with choosing 3 issues to report to the State League. After discussion, we voted on the issues that had been presented and they were ranked as follows:

  1. Housing, including issues of homelessness and affordable housing 
  2. Voter Education, protection and mobilization.
  3. Campaign finance reform
The follow-up process for issues is:
  • We report our results to the LWVCalifornia.
  • Input from all local leagues in the state will be reviewed and results will be presented at the LWVC Convention May 31st – June 2nd in Pasadena, CA where delegates will have the opportunity to adopt the statewide program.
At our meeting, we also discussed and voted on issues of local concern. The top concerns were:
  1. Public education including issues of facility funding, charter schools and proposition 13
  2. Housing including CASA
  3. Voter registration.

Other issues of concern discussed included public transportation, climate change, census, redistricting and water issues.

If you are interested in working at the state or local level on any of these issues please contact me at .

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