We support measures that promote management and development of water resources in ways that are beneficial to the environment and emphasize conservation and high standards of water quality appropriate for the intended use.

What do we advocate?

  • Bring groundwater sub-basins to sustainability earlier than the 40 year planning horizonwater drip cartoon character with water bottle
  • Prioritize local projects using multiple strategies to recharge groundwater
  • Require efficient water use by residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural users.
  • Coordinate water and land use planning re water supplies for new developments
  • Protect environment and local surface water supplies
  • Ensure access to safe and affordable drinking water for all Fresno County communities

 How Can You Participate?

  •  Keep informed about state and local water issues
  • Attend governmental meetings when water issues are on the agenda
  • Write a letter to the Bee
  • Attend water workshops and forums in our area, including meetings in Fresno of state water agencies

 The California Water Institute at Fresno State recently (June 2020) put together a position paper on creating a shared vision for water management in the San Joaquin Valley.  Go to http://www.californiawater.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Now-Is-the-Time-To-Create-A-Shared-Vision-for-Water-in-the-SJV1.pdf to learn more.

Do you need assistance or information? Our contact information is below.