Voter Education

Voter Education

League Resources for Voters

Voter education is a key part of the League's Mission

Voter Service

The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles encourages you to not only vote, but to also stay informed on election news and current events. To assist you, we have provided several sources that can keep you updated on the election process.

  • Election FAQ'S: The LWVLA operates a voter help hotline before every election. The Election FAQs page is a convenient compilation of the most commonly asked questions that we receive.

  • Representative Lookup: The Representative Lookup page features helpful sources that assist you in finding and providing information on your citywide, statewide, and nationwide representatives.

  • Political Parties: The LWVLA Political Parties page serves to educate the public about the structure of political parties on both a local and national scale. It also provides information on the general views of each party, and the steps to joining a political party.

  • California Initiative and Referendums: The CA Initiative and Referendum Page gives background information on the California voting system and assists voters in understanding their ballots.

The League thanks Ralphs and Susan F. Rice for their support.

National Voting Registration Day

Every year millions of Americans do not vote because they are unable to register! If you would like to join the nationwide effort to assist and encourage all citizens to vote, become a partner of National Voter Registration Day.

The History of Voting