Position In Brief: 

Selection of Supervisors: Support procedures to ensure an open and responsive process of selecting supervisors in San Mateo County.

Long-range Planning: Support a process in which the Board of Supervisors takes responsibility for setting goals, priorities and long-range planning for county needs. Public participation in this process should be encouraged.

County Boards and Commissions: Support procedures for appointment to county boards and commissions which promote responsible and effective citizen input to government in accordance with state law

County Superintendent of Schools: Support the appointment of the County Superintendent of Schools by the elected County Board of Education.

Position History: 

County position. Adopted 1974, revised 1988, 1996, 2008, amended 2010

Selection of Supervisors Objectives:

  •  Limitation on overall spending in county campaigns
  • County-financed mailing of candidates’ biographies and statements with the ballot booklet
  • Continued opposition to using the term “Incumbent” on the ballot

County Boards and Commissions Objectives:

  • Public notice of vacancies should be made well in advance of appointment date.
  • Standardized application forms and interviews should be used.
  • Specific qualifications should not be required to serve on boards and commissions other than residency, citizenship and voter registration.
  • Members should be chosen so that the boards and commissions represent a broad cross-section of the community.
  • Members should be chosen on the basis of their ability to evaluate the issues and to come to decisions, and their willingness to give the time needed to serve.
  • Members should be legally limited to three consecutive terms of service on a board or commission.
  • Procedures should be established to terminate the service of members who do not attend meetings on a regular basis. 
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