Where We Stand

Where We Stand

Our Positions on Issues

The League studies issues and develops positions to use in advocacy and education.

LWV North & Central San Mateo Positions

December 12, 2022: LWV NCSMC Position on San Mateo City Council Actions

The San Mateo City Council did not duly elect a mayor at the first meeting in December as per the city charter.  The LWV NCSMC has written a position statement on this dangerous precedent.  READ THE COMPLETE STATEMENT HERE.

Local positions are adopted after study by members of the League of Women Voters of North & Central San Mateo County. The two Leagues in San Mateo County share positions on issues affecting all areas of San Mateo County. The positions were developed after joint study and agreement of the two Leagues. See our local and county positions.

LWV California Positions

The LWV California has positions adopted after study by League members throughout the state. See our state positions.

LWV United States Public Policy Positions

The LWVUS has developed public policy positions. Click here for an overview.

LWV Bay Area Positions

The Leagues of Women Voters in the San Francisco Bay Area joined together as the LWV Bay Area. After study, the LWV Bay Area has developed policy positions on regional issues.