Hot Topics, Cold Facts

Hot Topics, Cold Facts


Oct. 4, 2018 - this event has passed
Women’s City Club

Video is here

  • The Hot Topic is that voting day is fast approaching and we must all make decisions about who and what we will vote for.
  • The Cold Facts will be delivered by Robbie Davis, LWV-PA member and Voter Services speaker.

How do you feel about the higher gas taxes? Would you like California to go on year-round Daylight Savings Time? Should we be providing more housing for individuals with mental illness?

These are just some of the issues you will confront on your November 6 General Election ballot. Confused? Uncertain? Fortunately, the stellar team of LWV Pasadena Area Pro and Con speakers is here to help.

There was a great turnout of League members and friends to learn about the state, county, and local measures on our November 6 ballot. Around seventy people crowded the room to hear the “Hot Topics, Cold Facts” presented by Marna Cornell, Robbie Davis, Britta Foshee, Sondra Hauge, Kitty Kroger, Marge Nichols, Jan Sanders, Michelle White, Thad and Margan Zajdowicz, and Ann Zeiss. Lots of good questions were asked, so we hope that people came away from the meeting with a better idea of how they want to mark their ballot. Thanks to all the speakers for their hard work!

Outside of the League Day, we have about thirty-five speaking engagements scheduled to more than 1,000 attendees. Requests came from retirement communities, churches and synagogues, Caltech, libraries and community centers, and even some private individuals holding sessions in their homes. People are eager to find out more about the issues, and we’re lucky to have such a great list of volunteers ready to meet the challenge. In addition, Pasadena Media invited us to tape short presentations on the measures. The video link is available above.

Not only are we furthering our Voter Service goal of educating the electorate, but we’re also spreading the League’s name to ever wider audiences.

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