Voter Services Committee

The Voter Services Committee provies services to inform and empower citizens to be invoved in the election process. The committee offers services to both educate and engage the electorate: 

  • Provides trained, qualified, and unbiased speakers and other staff for candidate forums and Pro/Con presentations.
  • Distributes voter information  and promotes  voter  registration with a focus on underrepresented groups.
  • Encourages access and participation in the LWVC’s Voter’s Edge program.
  • Engages all in activities that Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
  • Educate on changes to our voting systems
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Pasadena Area

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Moderator Candidates Forum Congress
Blog Post

LWV-Glendale/Burbank responds to disruption of candidates forum at Burbank City Hall. Read our report on the forum and watch the forum on the Burbank YouTube Channel:

PDF iconElection Calendar.for Louisiana.



Hot Topics, Cold Facts

October 4, 2018 League Day: The Hot Topic is that voting day is fast approaching and we must all make decisions about who and what we will vote for. The Cold Facts will be delivered by Robbie Davis, LWV-PA member and Voter Services speaker.

Press Mention

ABC-10 News San Diego got our League’s perspective of the gender balance of the candidates running for Carlsbad Mayor and City Council. The on-camera interview focused on the recent surge of women running for local and national office.

Graphic by Stephen Nass providing an explanation of how a district can be gerrymandered.

Graph above by Stephen Nass

Why this is our top legislative priority:

The next U. S. census will take place in 2020. The information gathered will be used by the Georgia legislature to adjust Georgia State and Federal legislative districts. Over the next two years, LWVGA will work to pass legislation that will ensure the fairness of that redistricting process and minimize the chance that legislators will gerrymander Georgia districts.

General Election Candidate Forums Videos

Watch the video recording of the 10/3/18 candidates forum with candidates for Clallam County Director of Community Development, Prosecuting Attorney, and Sheriff.

Watch the video recording of the 10/16/18 candidates forum with candidates for Clallam County District Court 2 Judge and candidates for Clallam County Commissioner District 3.

Graphic showing two candidates for Mayor of Carlsbad
Event Date: 
Oct 8 2018 - 5:30pm
Event location: 

Harding Community Center

Come to the village to meet the candidates. Bring your questions.


Be informed! Learn about candidates' viewpoints for our 2018 November Election. Attend our Candidate Forums!