Voter Services Committee

Voter Services Committee

The Voter Services Committee provides services to inform and empower citizens to participate in the election process. The committee offers services to both educate and engage the electorate: 

  • Provides trained, qualified, and unbiased speakers and other staff for candidate forums and Pro/Con presentations.
  • Distributes voter information  and promotes  voter  registration with a focus on underrepresented groups.
  • Encourages access and participation in the LWVC’s Voter’s Edge program.
  • Engages all in activities that Get Out the Vote (GOTV).
  • Educates on changes to our voting systems. 

Committee Chair: Martha Zavala (voterservices [at] )
Pro/Con Presentations: Robbie Davis ( proandcon [at] )
Candidate Forums: Katherine Gavzy (candidateforums [at] )


Committee Contact
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Martha Zavala
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How Will You Vote This Year?


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Registration Requirements      Register to Vote Here

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It’s a good idea to check your voter registration here 6 weeks before an election.

Re-register when:

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It’s a good idea to check your voter registration 6 weeks before an election. For this election, every registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot. The Registrar of LA County will start mailing ballots on October 5th.

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Worried about your mail-in ballot?  Starting September 5th SUBSCRIBE TO BALLOT TRAX