October 2019 Note from Niles, LWV of Solano County President

October 2019 Note from Niles, LWV of Solano County President

October 2019 Note from Niles 
Some things of potential interest:
A) We are now over 104 members and counting. Our website is getting richer (as in a wealth of information, and BTW, thanks to Sandy Coury) and richer. Look for a new improved calendar soon.

B) And for those curious about what it means when 'the League studies' something click on 'Studies' on the website, one of the starred items on the upper left side of the page. It will lead you to all sorts of material on 'positions' and 'studies' of the national League as well as state and local chapters around the country. If you're looking for background on something, that's a good place to start.

C) Last month Great Decisions Extension examined healthcare proposals, comparing some pros and cons of single payer vs a private public mix. Since it is a hot topic in the debates, here are the articles we studied for the discussion.
From the NYTimes - The German model a better alternative to Canada? - https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/opinion/health-care-germany.html

From Kaiser Family Foundation - a look at public opinion on Single payer over the last 20 years - https://www.kff.org/slideshow/public-opinion-on-single-payer-national-health-plans-and-expanding-access-to-medicare-coverage/

From the Heritage Foundation, a critique of the math of universal healthcare -

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