Government Websites

Government Websites

United States Government

GovTrack.US: Tracking the U.S. Congress - voting records of congress, information on current bills and resolutions, and more

United States Census Bureau - population statistics and information for the U.S. and other countries

California Government

State Legislature - current legislative events and schedules, information on bills, locate your California legislator

Secretary of State - extensive information on voting, elections, business programs, political reform, etc.

Redistricting Map - LVWC Education Fund's California Redistricing map, which became effective with June and November 2012 elections

Government Financial Reports. A NEW website created by Controller John Chiang on transparancy in government at all levels. See at a glance California's cities' and counties' revenues, spending, borrowing and much more.

Nevada County Government

MyNevada County - Services offered, agencies, county officials and more
MyNevada County Facebook

Superior Court of California, Nevada County - explanation of the structure, fees, forms, court calendar