Democracy Works Awards go to Democracy Winters & Davis Media Access

Democracy Works Awards go to Democracy Winters & Davis Media Access


This year, LWV Woodland solicited nominations from throughout Yolo County, as reflected in the recipients, Davis Media Access and Democracy Winters. The nomination criteria included encouraging equal representation, promoting free and fair elections, expanding voter education and rights, advocating legislation that promotes democracy and communities, or taking grassroots political action. The award ceremony took place on October 20.

Davis Media Access board member Craig Blomberg noted that the date was particularly apt this year since October 20 was also Community Media Day, part of Free Speech Week. Kate Laddish, co-founder of Democracy Winters, noted that the recognition shows that “regular people can have greater effect” on others than they might realize. An informative Q & A followed the presentations, giving the audience the opportunity to learn more about the two organizations. Both organizations were appreciative of receiving the recognition and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Davis Media Access and Democracy Winters were also presented with certificates of appreciation from Representative Mike Thompson, Congressional 4th District.

Finally, we wish to thank the talented members of our League who baked several plates of delicious, bite-sized desserts which everyone enjoyed along with their iced tea and lemonade. A delightful accompaniment to a very positive evening.

Yolo County groups honored for supporting democracy – Daily Democrat

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