LWVDE Action Alert on HB46 and Amendment 1

LWVDE Action Alert on HB46 and Amendment 1

League of Women Voters of Delaware
Time Range For Action Alert: 
March 12, 2019 to March 26, 2019

HB46 and Amendment 1 could come up for a House vote as early as this week.  It is believed that Amendment 1 would derail the opportunity for legal representation and due process for the Manufactured Home Owners who live on leased land, many of whom are senior citizens, veterans, and persons on fixed incomes.  We urge you to contact your member of the House and ask her or him to vote in opposition to Amendment HA1 and to support HB46 without that amendment.

HB46: creates a Delaware Manufactured Home Owner Attorney Fund, administered by the Department of Justice, to provide legal representation and advocacy for manufactured home owners enforcing existing rights in disputes with community owners. Manufactured home owners (tenants) would have $.50 of their monthly $2.50 share in the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund directed to the Attorney Fund; Community Owners would have their monthly share of the Trust Fund reduced by $.50.

House Amendment 1 to HB46: would, “to dissuade frivolous litigation,” allow community owners to recuperate their legal fees if they are successful in actions against a tenant that are funded by the Attorney Fund created by HB46.

Their Sponsors and Current Status are:

  • HB46:  Primary Kowalko; Co-Sponsor Sen. Walsh, Reps Baumbach, Carson; Additional Sponsors: Sen. Ennis, Rep. K. Williams.  Voted out of Committee 3/6/19; ready for House action.
  •  HA 1 to HB46:  Primary: Briggs King.  Attached to HB 46 3/6/19