Voter Services Committee

Voter Services Committee

 The Voter Services committee is focused on providing resources to Sussex County residents to encourage civic engagementand participation in the elective process.  The committee’s outreach programs includes voter registration and voter education opportunities aimed at arming residents with the tools they need to feel empowered and make informed election decisions. Our goal is to increase Sussex County voter turnout to improve our representative democracy because “Democracy can not be a spectator sport”.

For the mid-term elections, members of the Voter Services committee provided an online voter guide,, with valuable information on the candidates running for office.  In order to increase public awareness regarding the school board elections held in May, information about school board candidates was available at that website prior to those elections. 

Candidates Forums:

The LWVSC held candidate forums for State legislators running for office in Novermber, 2018.  These forums provide an avenue for interested voters to find out how the candidates stand on various issues as they answer questions submitted by members of the audience.  Candidate forums were also held for Indian River and Cape Henlopen school board candidates.  The events were live streamed and videos of the events were also available for viewing online.  

Citizen's Guide:

Prior to the mid term elections, the Voter Services committee released a Citizen's Guide to Registration and Voting called This Way to the Polls 2018, providing information on what you need to register, where to register, where to vote, what to do at the polling place, absentee voting, etc.  Click here for The Citizen' Guide to Registration and Voting.

Voting Report:

A report on voter turnout and election policy has been issued in March, 2019 by two nonpartisan organizations, Nonprofit Vote and The US Elections Project, PDF iconAmerican Goes to the Polls 2018.  It provides valuable information on electoral policies that affect voter turnout and how to increase participation in elections.  

 Important Voter Information can be found here



LWVSC members canvas Georgetown community

Voter Services committee volunteers canvas a neighborhood to register voters and provide resources on voting information.