Voter Services Committee

Voter Services Committee

 The Voter Services committee is focused on providing resources to Sussex County residents to encourage civic engagement and participation in the elective process.  The committee’s outreach programs include voter registration and voter education opportunities aimed at arming residents with the tools they need to feel empowered and make informed election decisions. Our goal is to increase Sussex County voter turnout to improve our representative democracy because “Democracy can not be a spectator sport”.

Please refer to the Voter Info page of this website that provides an up-to-date resource for voters.  Members of this committee provide the information and attempt to keep it current. is an important tool for voters provided by the Voter Services Committee.   VOTE411 provides valuable information on candidates running for office.  It lets the voter see what is on their ballot, check their voter registration, find their polling place, and more.  Committee members worked diligently to get up and running for school board elections as well as the general election.  VOTE411 business cards have been distributed at local events.  Graphics informing voters of this website have been shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Important election information that you can use is now available in both English and Spanish. 

Poll Workers Recruitment Campaign:

Due to COVID-19, poll workers are in short supply in our state.  Graphics aimed at recruiting poll workers have been posted to our LWVSC Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and have been sent to various partners and supporters.  A press release was lent to local media and appeared in the Coastal Point.  

Voting Information Presentations:

Members of the Voter Services Committee have presented or will be presenting voter information at several virtual events via Zoom.  On 8/4/20, a review of the importance of voting and what you need to know to vote in 2020 was given for the Interconnection of Race and Politics Zoom meeting.  On 9/23, "Voting 101: What to know for 2020", will be presented to the Rehoboth Library.  Another talk is currently scheduled for the VIA (Village Improvement Association of Rehoboth) on 10/14/20.

Register to Vote Postcards:

"Register to Vote" reminder postcards are being designed and will be mailed following the Primary election.  Approximately 500 postcards will be sent to unregistered residents in 14 identified Sussex underserved communities and the Hispanic community in Georgetown.  Partners in this project are Sussex County Alumnae Chapter - DE, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Sussex Chapter.

High School Voter Registration:

The Voter Services Committee developed a 2020 High School Voter Registration Program that was suspended due to COVID-19.  In lieu of registration events at the schools, the high school personnel are being asked to distribute a self-registration flyer to all seniors.  


Plans for GOTV (get-out-the-vote) activities include phone calls to registered voters in early October and on Election Day.  The voter registration file is being sorted into a usable database to develop call sheets.  The list will focus on younger voters and low propensity voters especially in underserved and Hispanic communities.  The Deltas and AKAs will also partner on this program.  Volunteers will be needed to make the calls.  Let marthr27 [at] (Martha Redmond) or conjon5 [at] (Connie Jones) know if you would like to help.

Del Tech:

The LWVSC continues it's relationship with Delaware Technical Community College in Georgetown.  Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, voter registration events were held there.  On 9/15 the league will be leading a state-wide voter trivia quiz for their Constitution Day Zoom meeting.  And a register to vote flyer will be advertised on the internal Del Tech Zoom system for classes. 

Candidates Forums:

Previously the LWVSC held candidate forums for State legislators running for office and for school board candidates. These forums provided an avenue for interested voters to find out how the candidates stand on various issues as they answered questions submitted by members of the audience.  The events were live-streamed and videos of the events were also available for viewing online. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 live forums are not scheduled for current elections.

Citizen's Guide:

Prior to the mid term elections, the Voter Services committee released a Citizen's Guide to Registration and Voting called This Way to the Polls 2018, providing information on what you need to register, where to register, where to vote, what to do at the polling place, absentee voting, etc.  Click here for The Citizen' Guide to Registration and Voting.

Voting Report:

A report on voter turnout and election policy was been issued in March, 2019 by two nonpartisan organizations, Nonprofit Vote and The US Elections Project, PDF iconAmerican Goes to the Polls 2018.  It provides valuable information on electoral policies that affect voter turnout and how to increase participation in elections.  

 Important Voter Information can be found here



LWVSC members canvas Georgetown community

Voter Services committee volunteers canvas a neighborhood to register voters and provide resources on voting information.