Voter Services Committee


The Voter Services committee is focused on providing resources to Sussex County residents to encourage civic engagement and participation in the elective process.  The committee’s outreach programs includes voter registration and voter education opportunities aimed at arming residents with the tools they need to feel empowered and make informed election decisions. Our goal is to increase Sussex County voter turnout to improve our representative democracy because “Democracy can not be a spectator sport”.

The Voter Services committee has released a Citizen's Guide to Registration and Voting called This Way to the Polls 2018.  It provides information on what you need to register, where to register, where to vote, what to do at the polling place, absentee voting, etc.  The Citizen's Guide to Registration and Voting can be found PDF iconhere.

 Important Voting Information can be found here



LWVSC members canvas Georgetown community

Voter Services committee volunteers canvas a neighborhood to register voters and provide resources on voting information.


State Government

Extensive information about Delaware state goverment can be located online.  The website,, lists state officials with links for contacting them.  Additionally, links are provided for other government officials, agencies, and services.  There is also a link to assist you in determining your representatives.  The Delaware General Assembly website,, provides a legislative calendar, information on bills and legislation, Delaware laws, and committees.  Links to State Senators and their districts can be found here, and Representaives here.

Sussex County Government The seal of Sussex County Delaware

The Delaware General Assembly granted Sussex County home rule in the early 1970s, converting the old Levy Court into the current Sussex County Council comprised of five members elected in and for specific geographic districts for four years. This forms the legislative authority of the county, which appoints a "County Administrator" who oversees the executive branch departments.  Information on the government structure, administration, department listings, etc. can be found on the Sussex County website.  County council members along with their district maps are listed there as well as the traditional "Row Offices" of Clerk of the Peace, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills, and Sheriff who are all elected at large.  Appointed boards and commissions are listed, including the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment which play particularly important roles in administering county land use ordinances.

Sussex County has an audio/visual system for broadcasting meeting events. To watch a broadcast, please click on this link and then select "Watch" from the options on the left in order to view the broadcast in full-screen mode.