LWVSC Land Use Committee urges support of proposed ordinance revision on Cluster Subdivision/Superior Design

LWV League of Women Voters of Sussex County, Delaware

UPDATE 6/11/19:  Sussex County Council voted 3-2 to require developers to build their cluster subdivisions with a "superior design," in order to preserve more open space.  Developers will be required to meet a certain amount of open space, setbacks and preservation. The ordinance impacts agricultural zoning districts but not coastal area subdivisions, which have their own set of requirements. 

Public Hearing Dates: Planning & Zoning Commission - 04/11/19 @ 6:00 p.m.; Sussex County Council - 05/14/19 @ 10:30 a.m. 

From the League of Women Voters of Sussex County's Land Use Committee (3/7/19):

In its ongoing efforts to encourage Sussex County residents to participate in local government action, the LWVSC needs your help to support Councilman IG Burton’s 2/26/19 proposed ordinance revision on Cluster Subdivision/Superior Design.

This ordinance update would ensure the creation of better community designs that will benefit residents by preserving the natural open-space features of rural Sussex County that contribute to our quality of life. 

To read more about the impact of this ordinance, read the  Cape Gazette article and Councilman Burton's letter to the editor , both dated 3/5/19.

This is time sensitive as a County Council vote is expected within the month.  Please spread the word about this upcoming vote, contact your Councilman by phone (preferred) or email, and voice your support to pass this ordinance.

  • District 1, Mike Vincent (302.629.2396) mvincent [at] sussexcountyde.gov
  • District 2 Sam Wilson (302.856.2972) swilson [at] sussexcountyde.gov
  • District 3, IG Burton (302.313.5501)  igburton [at] sussexcountyde.gov
  • District 4, Doug Hudson (302.542.1432) doug216 [at] mchsi.com
  • District 5, John Rieley (302.858.8649) jlrieley [at] sussexcountyde.gov


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