Observer Corps

Observer Corps

Observer Corps...Protecting Your Right to Know

Protecting our right to know is integral to our democracy.                     Observer corp button

     Joining other Leagues throughout the country, the LWV of Sussex County established an "Observer Corps" in January of 2009 to help ensure that government transparency laws, or "sunshine" laws, are being followed in our community.

     Observers monitor governmental bodies to learn how issues are being addressed, if proper notice is given before issues are discussed and decided, if public input is solicited and whether open meeting laws are followed. The Corps also serves as the "eyes and ears" of the League, identifying issues that are important to our mission so the League can take action, if warranted.

     Our emphasis has been to have League Observers present at as many County Council and Planning & Zoning meetings as possible. The meetings are held in County Council Chambers in Georgetown, with Council held most Tuesday mornings and Planning & Zoning meeting twice a month on Thursday evenings. At the beginning of each month, Observers volunteer for any meeting or meetings they can attend.

     During the meetings, Observers take notes and use a simple PDF iconObserver Corps Report Form to report their observations back to the League. A summary report, called the Sunshine Report,  is presented to the County and the media each year, usually close to the LWV's Sunshine Week in March. This keeps elected and appointed officials on notice, letting them know that someone is watching what decisions are being made and how they are being made.

The most recent Sunshine report was presented to the Sussex County Council on September 24, 2019.  To read it in full click PDF iconhere .

If you are interested in participating in this program as a regular or occasional Observer, please contact the LWVSC at

To view a past Observer Corps Annual Report provided to County Council, click on a year: PDF icon2018PDF icon2017, PDF icon2015PDF icon 2014, PDF icon2013,PDF icon 2012PDF icon 2011PDF icon2010