Officers & Committees

Officers & Committees

League of Women Voters of Southwestern Indiana

2020-21 Officers

President, Vicki Small
Vice-President, Meg Connolly
Secretary, Barb Delker
Treasurer, Genny Tenbarge

Elected Directors

Toni Beumer
Robert Heiman
Tracy McEuen
Jahanara Tapal

Appointed Directors

Mary Bennett
Pam Locker
Lezlie Simmons

2021-22 Nominating Committee

Cathy Fraley
Rita Wedig

Standing Committees

Lunch with the League, Meg Connolly
Meet Your Legislators
, Toni Beumer
Membership, Pam Locker
Redistricting, Meg Connolly
Voter Services, Roberta Heiman, Rita Wedig
Constant Contact, Facebook Page and website, Pam Locker

Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 10 am at various EVPL locations. All members are invited to attend. 

The League holds Lunches/Dinners with the League each spring and fall and an annual meeting in the summer, in addition to a variety of special events througout the year.