Land Use

Land Use

Planning, zoning, Comprehensive Plan, transportation, environment
Position In Brief: 

Action to Support:

  • Representative and diverse membership on the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Continuation and revision of the Comprehensive Plan of Frederick County
  • Zoning that limits rural residential development in designated areas of Frederick County
Position History: 

Adopted 1971, amended 1995

Statements of Position:

  1. The Frederick County Planning and Zoning Commission should have a membership that reflects:
  • Representation of urban and rural interests;
  • Diversity of business and community interest; and
  • Minority group representation.
  1. The Comprehensive Plan should be reviewed and revised on a regular schedule.
  2. The basic goals of the Comprehensive Plan should include:
  • Conservation of the natural environment;
  • Quality living environment for people; and
  • A sound and diversified economy.
  • The Comprehensive Plan should continue to include:
    • A transportation plan which emphasizes public transportation including a county-wide network and rapid transit system to the metropolitan areas;
    • A watershed protection and flood control plan; and
    • Pollution controls for each element.

    5. Provision for public participation in the planning process is essential

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