Local Government

Local Government

Our Local Elections & Government

Who represents you? How can you contact your representatives? How can you get involved in local politics?

Whether you are looking to get more involved or just want to find out your precinct, this information and more is available by clicking below or on the sub-tabs to the left of your screen.

Redistricting (PDF) - Information on when, why and how voting district lines are changed.

Vote411.org - Enter your address to find your polling place, create your personalized voters' guide and find everything you need to vote! With your personalized guide, you will:

  1. see everything that will be on your ballot,
  2. compare candidates' positions side-by-side,
  3. print out a personalized ballot with your choices to take with you on Election Day.

Click here if you are a military or overseas voter.

Who Represents You - How to contact your elected officials

Town Meeting - How to Run as a Town Meeting Member for your Precinct

Town Wide Office - Learn the steps to get elected for a Town-Wide Office

Your Elected and Appointed Representatives

Who represents you? How can you contact your representatives?

Belmont's Government Representation

Below is some information that you might find useful in getting familiar with your government representatives. For more information we recommend that you also visit the Town of Belmont's Website.

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