The Cape Cod Area

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Students at the Dennis Glbal Climate March. sign reads "Your disbelief won't stop climate change".

Global Climate Strike

Students at September 20 Global Climate Strike
in Barnstable


The Cape Cod Area

Celebrating 60 Years of Non-Partisan Civic Engagement!


Every Vote Counts - Vote

Remember | YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Rock the Vote!

Local town meetings and elections have been postponed into June, check with your town hall for information.

Here is the list of town halls:

Here is the link to request a local town ballot for June:

Request your ballot now. Return your Municipal Early Ballot Application to your local town hall.

DISTANCE VOTING in the Time of Covid 19

Vote Stamp
MA State Primary, September 1

General Election, November 3.



The Secretary of the Commonwealth has determined that any person taking precautions because of Covid-19 may request an absentee ballot for the September 1 State Primary and the November 3 Election.

Here is the link to request an absentee ballot:

Send the absentee ballot application to your town hall.



100 YEARS STRONG - LEAGUE of WOMEN VOTERS | LWV 1920-2020The League of Women Voters is celebrating our 100th Anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.
On August 26, 1920, women secured the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was officially declared part of the U.S. Constitution.
Over the course of 72 years, thousands of suffragists had petitioned, lobbied, marched, and picketed state legislatures, Congress, and the White House to give half of the citizens of this country the right to vote. The suffrage movement evolved to become the League of Women Voters, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. We are part of history.
We continue to work, research, and advocate on the most important issues of the day: the climate crisis, education funding, reproductive rights, social justice, gun control, universal healthcare, immigration rights, and voter service. This is the League of Women Voters of today.
Our core mission is to strengthen our democracy through education and engagement. Ensuring accurate voter information, moderating candidates forums, and getting neighbors to the polls for the upcoming 2020 election is our future.

Creating a More Perfect Democracy