Manage Your Online Members

Manage Your Online Members

MyLO offers the ability to secure Members Only content. This means that site visitors will only see that content if they are: a) logged in to the system, b) recognized as an online member of your League. Those same online members can be made into webmasters to edit and manage your site's content.

In order for this to work, you will need to make sure that your members have user accounts on MyLO. There are three basic ways to accomplish this: 

  1. Manually add the members to your League member list (Manage Members)
  2. Request a bulk upload of members once your site is live, provide a properly formatted spreadsheet (download a template below)
  3. Allow members to create their own accounts on MyLO, webmaster activates Membership Status/State in your League online

You can also remove or block members from your League's private content.

PLEASE NOTE: Within MyLO, "members" refers to users with a MyLO user login who have been granted access to a MyLO site's Members only section and private files. Your Manage Members list lets you know who has access to your private sections and with which role (if any), who might be requesting to be in your group, and who has already been blocked. This list is not a true reflection of your official League member roster.

Manually add the Members to your League Roster

To add or manage your members, click on Manage Members from your Administrator League Menu in the left sidebar. Need to create the new user account first?

From here, you will see a list of all of the members in your League, as well as any that have been set as adminstrator members (webmasters). Your members may have differing Member status values.

The Member status is important: 'Active' means that they can see Members Only content on your League site. 'Pending' means that they have requested online member access, but a webmaster still needs to approve their account. Members will be in pending state if they create their own account. 'Blocked' means you can disable members' access while keeping their online user account details available to you as League webmaster. 

Manage Members provides filters to use in search to help you find specific members within the list. The Operations menu allows you to take action on multiple members at once (for example, activate a bunch of pending members in one action).

To add a new member: 

  1. Click on Add Member at the bottom of the list.
  2. Start typing the username of the member you want to add. The system will make recommendations based on what you type, only searching through MyLO users in our system. If the user exists, select the username and click Add Users.
  3. If the user doesn't exist, you need to create the user account. Scroll down to the section: Cannot find the user?
  4. Click on Create new user button at bottom of screen, which will open a new browser tab. Keep the original tab open (at Add a group member to [League]) in order to quickly add the new user as a member.
  5. Enter the new user's information, username, email address, and password (confirm password) are the minimum requirements.
  6. After entering user info, click Create new account button at the bottom. 
  7. A green bar will appear across the top of the screen: Created new user account for [username].
  8. Go back to the tab Add a group member to [League], and enter the new user's username.
  9. Begin typing the user's username or email address, then select the correct user from the list of users that appears underneath as you type. Capitalization doesn't matter here, so 'testuser' and 'TestUser' bring up the same user.
  10. Click Add users.
  11. A green success bar will read: [username] has been added to the group [League] (for example: Testuser12 has been added to The Demo County). You're taken back to Manage Members with your new member in the list.

Once you create the new user account, you'll need to notify the member. Download a copy of our File welcome message.

Need some more help? Follow this written documentation to manually create a new user and add them as a member to your League's group.

Bulk Upload Members*

*We offer each League one (1) bulk member upload.

If you have a lot of members to add to the system at once, you can provide MyLO Support with a spreadsheet with member data. The member data includes first and last names, email address, and phone number (optional). The member data sheet template is available for you to use as a guide to build your list. The MyLO Team can perform this member upload once your site is set to public view.

Please contact MyLO Support at mylo [at] if you have any questions about creating your spreadsheet, as it must follow specific parameters. 

The unique elements about each member are the username and email address. If your member data sheet includes existing members, their email address must match the address already attached to their existing user account in order to make an update to the existing members.

When members are added in bulk, mylo [at] (by request), the MyLO Team can send a welcome email to each member with a new or updated account. This will tell them how to login and reset their password.

Next Steps for Webmaster

Once the members have all been added successfully, you can opt for the MyLO Team to send a welcome email to each member with a new or updated account. This will tell them how to login and reset their password.

If you are sending the welcome email out to each new member, be sure to include:

Have Members Create Their Own Accounts

Members can create their own accounts on MyLO by clicking on the 'Register' link at the top right in the login bar. 

When they create their account, they are creating a general MyLO account, not yet tied to any specific League in MyLO. You can then add them to your League as a member using the first set of instructions above.

You can also add your League to the list of MyLO Leagues on the registration form: (you must be logged out to see the League list). By creating a user account, a visitor requests to become an online member in your League; you (or one of your other webmasters) must then access Manage Members to approve that member to grant them access to your League's private content. 

Add your League to the List on the Registration Page

To add your League to the user registration list, go to your League's homepage and click on New Draft or Edit Draft (if there is an existing draft already). 

Scroll to the Advanced Settings section; click to expand this section to locate the Group register field. By default, this is set to Do not show on registration page. Change the setting to Show on registration page to display your League as an option on the registration form. 

Group Register field, Advanced Settings on Homepage editing form




Remember: you will need to publish your changes in order for them to take effect. Before you save, set the Moderation State to 'Published' (by default, this is set to 'Draft'). 

How the user will create their own account

This will add your League to the list on the user registration page. You can find the user registration page when logged out by visiting then clicking: "I want to create an account" button

Once the new user has filled out the user registration page, the final question involves selecting a state or local League. By selecting a local or state League, the user will be registered as a "pending" member of the League and a notification will be sent to an administrator to confirm this user's membership status. Once this is confirmed, the user will have access to members only content for that League. 

The Local League membership list looks like this:

user registration page, Local League membership list

Instructions for members managing their own user accounts can be found here: Manage Your User Account

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