New Castle Youth in Action

New Castle Youth in Action

2021/2022 School Year and Summer Projects

LWVNC is lucky to have many local high school students who are passionate about voting rights and education share their talents with the League. Here are some highlights of their work in their words.

LWVNC 2021/2022 Student Intern HGHS Student Bryce Bernbach

My name is Bryce Bernbach and I am a student at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua New York. During the first semester of my junior year, I devoted a significant amount of time to writing a research paper that dives deep into the evolution of voter suppression in America from the first Jim Crow era to 2022. I chose to research this topic because as a seventeen year old who goes to school and watches the news, I was already disturbed to learn the reality of America’s voting system based on the little I knew about it. I only needed to hear the smallest portion of what has been and continues to go on in the system to get upset and decided to sign myself up for an independent history course where I could investigate the problem at hand in a very extensive manner. So that is what I did. The full twenty page paper analyzes both the hows and the whys of voter suppression through the use of non-biased concrete evidence from all facets of the government including both state and federal legislatures. It also examines the organizations that are fighting back against the benign laws that are responsible for the suppression of voters. You can read a condensed portion of my paper focusing mainly on these organizations and what they are doing to fight back here. At the local level, I helped to create a page for the LWVNC website called "Voting 101" to help new voters understand how to exercise this important right and I did some research about historic and recent trends in voter turnout in our local school and library board and budget elections.

LWVNC 2021/2022 Student Intern HGHS Student Ryan Treible

My name is Ryan Treible, I reside in Chappaqua, New York, and I'm a senior at Horace Greeley High School. This past summer, I was selected to serve as a Senior Intern for Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney's campaign for the 17th District of New York. Given the results of the primary, I will be continuing in this capacity through the General Election in November. I also had the opportunity to serve as a timekeeper for the LWV run Virtual Candidate Forum. I have thoroughly enjoyed both of these experiences, and I am eager to continue my work with the League in the future.