Where your Local Tax Dollars Go

Where your Local Tax Dollars Go

Information on Federal, State, and Local Elected Representatives, Government, Courts, and Schools

Depending on your area of residence, property taxes are divided among any or all of these units of government. School taxes are collected separately. Some monies collected by the state through income taxes are also returned to local governments and schools at the discretion of the NYS Legislature.

Schenectady County-15 member elected County Legislature:

Airport, Board of Elections, business inspections, County Clerk, county highways, Glendale Home, judicial services (courts, district attorney, public defender), library, Sheriff, social services, health services, etc.

City, Town, or Village- elected Council and Mayor or Supervisor:

Animal control, assessments, building inspections and permits, clerks, courts, parks and recreation, planning and zoning, police (may use Sheriff), streets and roads, tax collection, youth and senior services, etc. May provide lights, water, sewer, fire protection and garbage pick-up.

School Districts-Elected Board of Education

Education, some library services

Special Districts-Elected Boards of Fire, Water, Sewer Commissioners

Fire protection, water, sewer service