Get Involved

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

The LWV needs your help with Voter Registration Events

 Volunteer with us today!  

To find a Voter Registration Event, use  It is easy. Just follow the steps below. 

Last year we all made a BIG DIFFERENCE:

Voter turn-out rate went from 27% to 48% in the Districts we canvassed

Making Democracy Work One Neighborhood at a time  
Be part of the Movement
Signup & Volunteer 
Questions call or email Joan Durant
315 345-5860 / syracuselwv [at] ()

Volunteers make everything we do possible.  Volunteers particpate in Voter Registration Events, help organize our programs and forums, speakers and our Annual Legislative Breakfast. 

  • Naturalization Ceremonies

Volunteers needed to register new United States citizens to vote. Ceremonies are inspiring you will want to volunteer again and again. Use to voulunteer for a cermony or call  the office at 315-396-8225 for more information.

  • Serve on Committees

Learn more about the League by volunteering to sit on one of our standing committees listed below with a brief discription:

  • Advocacy & Action:
    • "Action is agitating, organizing, educating, pleading, and persuading" - said Carrie Chapman Catt, a leader of the women’s suffrage movement and founder of the League of Women Voters. 
    • Today, action is whatever the League does to influence government officials to implement the League's program goals.  Action is sending emails, writing letters, visiting public officials, mobilizing public support and testifying at hearings.
    • This link provides a link to the League's Legislative priorities.
  • Voter Service:
    • Volunteers are needed for the numerous voter registration events and candidate forums that we conduct.  Also, speakers are need to meet with students and civic groups to provide education on a citizen's right to vote. 
  • Membership:
    • Help grow the League by planning events to recruit and welcome new members.
    •  Clerical help needed for maintianing membership roles. 
  • Program:
    • Plan events for members and the general public. 
    • Determine topics and find speakers of local and national interest. 
  • Fundraising
    • Help build the League finacially, so that we can carryout our important mission of educating the public of their voting rights.
    • Help plan fundraising events, raffels  &  grant proposals.

For more information call us at 315-396-8225 or league [at] (email us).