League Newsletters for NYS and Syracuse Metro Area

The Syracue Metro League's newsletter is the "Local Voter".  It is published about 9 times a year. 

The New York State LWV publishes their Newsletter monthly.   Both can be found by clicking the links below

PDF icon"Local Voter" March 2019

PDF iconJanuary 2019 "Local Voter"

"Local Voter" November 2018

PDF icon"Local Voter" Sept 2018

PDF icon"Local Voter" May 2018

PDF icon"Local Voter" April 2018

PDF icon"Local Voter" Feb/March 2018

 LWV of New York State Monthly Newsletters:

NYS League's December Newsletter

NYS League's October Newsletter

NYS League's September Newsletter

NYS League's August Newsletter

NYS League's Newsletter 

For previous NYS Newsletters and Newsletters of other NYS Leagues click here.