The Virginia Secor Stranahan Award

The Virginia Secor Stranahan Award

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The League of Women Voters of the Perrysburg Area has created the Virginia Secor Stranahan Citizenship Award named for a woman whose generous contributions and legacy have made a dynamic difference to the Perrysburg Area. As one of our League's early founders, her financial support continues to enable our organization to function effectively, providing political awareness and education to our community.

Nominees for this award may be either male or female and must be someone who has been active in the community and has made a profound impact on the Perrysburg area.

The recipients of the Virginia Secor Stranahan Annual Citizenship Award:

2002 Juliet Beck

2003 Robert Boyd

2004 Fred Moor

2005 Adelaide Morse

2006 Jean Duston

2008 Becky Williams

2009 Robert Warnimont and Carlos Cordova

2010 Connie Teare

2011 Judith Justus

2012 Phyllis Morton

2013 Rose Marie Gerkovich

2014 Debra Buker and J. D. Justus

2015 Dr. Earl W. Campbell

2017 The Prizm Creative Community

2019 Martha Baldoni