For comprehensive information on voting rights in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board.


vote 2020


If you are already registered to vote, click here to be redirected to the Oklahoma Voter Portal where you can view or verify your polling place, sample ballots, upcoming elections, absentee ballots, your County Election Board, and Your Voting District. 

The 2020 OK Voter Guide  will provide voting information and important dates for this election year.

You may click here to Request an absentee ballot.


Please view the video below for complete step by step instructions explaining how to correctly use mail in (absentee) ballots.  


 ----> Additional website resources to assist you in voicing your educated vote are provided here: 


 ----> Please remember to use TWO Forever Stamps when mailing the final envelope of your absentee ballot to your County Election Board!!! If you return it in person, wear a mask, return it yourself, take your state identification inside, and do it by 5pm on November 2nd, not November 3rd to ensure your absentee ballot is tallied.