First Amendment Lecture Series Concluded

Panelists Professor Peter Teachout, attorneys Paul Gillies, John Franco, and moderator Cary Brown, Executive Director, Vermont Commission on Women.
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Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances held June 14 at Kellogg-Hubbard Library concluded the League of Women Voters of Central Vermont's First Amendment series. It was an informative evening as Professor Teachout reviewed the history of the Right to Petition dating back to the 1600s and whether this right is also protected by the Vermont Constitution. Attorney Paul Gillies talked about the Rebels case, stating the record in the Vermont Supreme Court to date on the Right to Petition is dismal as measured by the number of times petitioners have been denied. Attorney John Franco followed-up on the Rebels case, its impact in creating the Burlington Town Meeting Day F-35 vote, and the obstacles that courts throw up to citizens rights to petition the courts for redress in cases such as civil rights, public documents, and land use.

Video from the First Amendment First Amendment Freedoms Series 

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Panelists Professor Peter Teachout, attorneys Paul Gillies, John Franco

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