LWVUS Council looks to the future


Ashley Hill, LWV Vermont Board member joined other state leaders from around the country at the LWVUS biennial Council in Leesburg, VA this summer.

The national League introduced an impressive new staff with a renewed vision for the future. State leagues were welcomed to participate in lively discussions about the future of the League and how to recruit new members. National, State, and Local Leagues came together to discuss challenges, the historical significance of the League, how to remain relevant and at the forefront of important political issues in challenging political times, and the importance of civil discourse in political conversations in today's political climate.

LWVUS renewed its commitment to State and Local Leagues, and plans to roll out some new tools for State and Local Leagues to share ideas in the near future.

At Council, League leaders held important conversations about where we are as an organization – and where we want to be when we reach our centennial in 2020. From these conversations, came this video in our two-part series describing the League’s journey to strengthen our role in creating a more perfect democracy.  Please enjoy this new video celebrating our Transformational Journey and watch for more information about the upcoming changes as the League grows toward its second century.

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