Legislative Day 2019: Friday February 15

Legislative Day 2019: Friday February 15

picture of statehouse in winter

February 15 is Legislative Day

Do join us at that Friday morning at State House.

We’ll be serving coffee and bagels in the cafeteria, starting at 8:30. This is the best way to connect with our Legislators, and talk to them about our concerns and positions.  

It's our Anniversary

Every year, on the week of the founding of our League, we visit the Statehouse.  We talk to legislators and the governor about our positions.  If you're new to Vermont or the process, it's a great chance to see the rooms of the Statehouse and learn more about the legislative process in Vermont.  

What is our Legislative Day Schedule?

8:30-10:00 AM 

  • Coffee with Legislators: Statehouse Cafeteria


9:00 – 10:00 AM

  • Sit in on Committee Hearings

10:00 AM

  • House Session
  • League introduction by Rep. Kimberly Jessup


10:30-11:30 AM

  • Meeting with Senator Ginny Lyons re: Inclusive Equal Rights Constitutional Amendment
  • Update on League Priorities
  • Room 10


11:30 AM

  • Senate Session



  • Lunch in Statehouse Cafeteria


After lunch:

  • 1:30 pm: Hands-on workshop on Rank Choice Voting lead by Betty Keller, Northeast Kingdom LWV
  •  League Members Committee meets with Governor Schott in Ceremonial Office




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