LWV Supports Ballot Initiative IP 14

LWV Supports Ballot Initiative IP 14

IP 14

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Sponsoring group is People Not Politicians:  www.peoplenotpoliticiansoregon.com
Currently, it is the Legislature that has the power to determine boundaries for state and federal legislative districts after each census. The result is that 97% of incumbents are reelected each cycle—because they have drawn the boundaries of their own districts.
The Princeton Gerrymandering Project rates Oregon an F for districting fairness; currently, the 40% of Oregon voters not registered either R or D are left out of the process. Eight other states, mostly in the West, have an alternative: an independent redistricting commission. This would be a constitutional amendment.

Initiative Petition 14 would:

• Create a 12-member commission of citizens who would draw our district boundaries starting in 2025 and thereafter after each nationwide census.

• The commission would have 4 Republicans, 4 Democrats, and 4 members who were Independents or from other parties. At least 1 member from each group would have to vote for a district map for it to be approved.

• Elective officers and their employees, as well as members of a political party central committee and lobbyists, along with their family members, need not apply. Applicants must have been a resident of Oregon for at least 2 years or be enrolled in a federally recognized state tribal nation; must be eligible to vote and have voted in at least 2 of the 3 preceding General Elections; and must not have changed parties in the past 3 years.

• Initial winnowing of the candidates would be done by a review panel of three judges.  They would send a list of 150 qualified individuals to the Secretary of State, with 50 from each of the two largest political parties and 50 registered with neither of those parties.

• The SOS would choose 6 people to serve on the commission, 2 from each of the  above-stated groups. Those 6 would select the remaining 6 commissioners.

• There is a process for removing a commissioner for gross misconduct, and a process for filling a vacancy.

• Commissioners shall be paid only a per-diem fee and travel expenses.


 Bullet-point summary provided by Abigail Bok, Voter Service Chair. 
For the full text of the Ballot Initiative see the sponsor link at the top of the page.


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