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The League of Women Voters of Bucks County, a nonpartisan organization, is dedicated to providing voter education and services and advocating for issues.  We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate.  We are committed to creating and promoting a diverse and inclusive environment in our organization and in the areas in which we work.

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It is important that we acknowledge the unsung heroes who help to make our democracy work: the behind-the-scenes election administrators, volunteers, election monitors, postal workers and secretaries of state.  

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Nov 17 2023 12:00 am to Jan 07 2024 11:45 pm
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Pearl S. Buck House

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Plastic is found in environments everywhere and can be harmful to our health and to all other living organisms.  Learn about the effects of plastics on our community and how you can make a difference.

Plastics: The Two Edge Sword
Part 1: Microplastics

Written and researched by Joan Farb, League of Women Voters of Bucks County

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Coalition of Natives and Allies

Sunday, December 3rd, 2:00 pm.  Native Women and Allies speak:  What We Weren't Taught in School.  A 50 minute film folowed by a 30 minute Q&A with members of the CNA.  Featuring both indigenous and ally voices, this potent historical overview also shares moving personal accounts of the three native women in the coalition.  Click here for information about the Coalition of Natives and Allies.

Learn how Pennsylvania laws and the Bucks County Board of Elections ensure that your vote will be accurately counted.

Action Alerts

Pennsylvania is one of only nine states with fully closed primaries, wherein only registered Republicans and registered Democrats may vote in a primary, shutting out 1.1-1.3 million voters  Bills have been introduced to the state legislature


Read the spring edition of the Voter newsletter here

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The municipal elections in November have a significant impact on us all.  Of all those offices on the ballot, perhaps the candidates who will exert the greatest impact on and our communities are the individuals running for local school boards. 

The Impact of AI on Elections
Event Date: 
Sep 29 2023 12:00 pm

Join the League of Women Voters of Central Delaware County on Friday, September 29, 2023 at Noon on Zoom for Hot Topic - The Impact of AI on Elections.

Censorship in Schools What Can you DO League of Women Voters
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Oct 03 2023 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm