Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau LWV of Bucks County
Programs Available in 2020

The Speakers Bureau of the League of Women Voters of Bucks County offers you a knowledgeable team of speakers to give your organization a selection of presentations on timely issues.  These non-partisan programs are designed to advance the League’s mission to encourage informed and active participation in government. 

This year we will be offering programs on the following topics:

Election and Voting Information

  • Ready, Set, Vote:  specific information regarding the upcoming election – how to register and vote; how to obtain absentee ballots; the qualifications for the races being contested and the ways voters can get the information they need to cast an informed vote at the polls.  This program does not include any information about individual candidates or party platforms.
  • Voting Rights:  an explanation of the Constitutional Amendments, Federal Legislation and Judicial decisions which have both guaranteed and eroded the  rights of American voters over the decades, as well as a discussion of current laws in Pennsylvania relating to voting rights.
  • Short programs on Voting and Elections:  15-20 minute interactive programs designed for school and scout groups.

The 19th Amendment

  • Forgotten Heroes: Women and their Fight for the Right to Vote: an informative and entertaining look at the 72-year-long fight for women’s suffrage, inspired by the centennial anniversaries of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the founding of the League of Women Voters.


  • The A, B, Cs of Civics: An engaging and interactive presentation about the basics of our American system of government and the U.S. Constitution.

The Electoral College

  • The Electoral College - Its History and Future:  An explanation of the founding fathers’ intent in creating the Electoral College and a discussion of why the League of Women Voters has a long-standing position to abolish it.


Programs  typically last 45 minutes to one hour including time for questions.  Most programs are PowerPoint presentations; the League has projection equipment, but the sponsoring group would need to provide a screen and a microphone if desired.
Any group of 15 or more may take advantage of this service (fewer for school or scout groups).
There is no charge for our Speakers Bureau (although donations are welcome).  If handouts related to the program are requested, we ask that the cost of copies be covered by the group. 

To make arrangements for a Speaker to come to your group, please contact the LWV of Bucks County at (215) 230-9986 or email Barbara Sperry, Speakers Bureau Co-Chair and we will contact you to discuss dates, times and details.