Grand Jury

Grand Jury

1. The League of Women Voters supports community involvement in the Civil Grand Jury process through:

  1. Community educational activities regarding the Grand Jury system;
  2. Increased public information about the process for submitting complaints and suggested areas of inquiry appropriate to the Grand Jury;
  3. Wide distribution of Grand Jury reports and agency responses and good public access to agency responses;
  4. Monitoring of Grand Jury reports and agency responses;
  5. Media coverage of the entire Grand Jury process.

2. The League of Women Voters may comment, based on existing League program positions, on specific Grand Jury recommendations.

3. The League of Women Voters supports a Monterey Civil Grand Jury process that:

  1. Recruits Grand Jury members using methods such as:<
  1. Wide distribution of recruitment information;
  2. Efforts to reflect diversity;
  3. Employer programs that allow employees to serve as grand jurors.

b. Provides a thorough orientation and on-going educational process for all new Grand Jury members;
c. Adheres to all state laws regarding the Grand Jury process;
d. Encourages the Grand Jury to review draft final reports for accuracy with the appropriate agencies;
e) Uses a format for the Grand Jury Final Report that would assure clarity and makes it easy for the general public to understand;
f. Supports Grand Jury Final Reports with focused recommendations and with a limited number of recommendations;
g. Limits findings to those directly tied to recommendations in the Final Reports;
h. Provides for follow-up by the Grand Jury on recommendations made by previous Grand Juries.