New Volunteer Opportunities

New Volunteer Opportunities

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Get Involved with Your League!

By: Anne Stone

You are a LWV Coast member, and you want to get involved, but are not quite sure how? We have an easy way for you to see where you can use your talents and explore your interests.

A list of constantly changing “Volunteer Opportunities” is right here on the website. You can find so many ways to be a part of the League. Interested in the membership getting together, look at the listing for Holiday Party Coordinator, or Event Coordinator. Your interest is more in local issues? Look at the Observer Corps, HAT (Homelessness and Housing) or Climate Change. Or maybe Continuum or Care, Civil Discourse or Voters Edge is intriguing. You have computer and zoom experience? There’s something here for you too. There is a way for everyone to get involved.  Just click "Volunteer Opportunities" found in the menu on every LWVOC webpage under "Our Work". Or, simply click the blue button below.

  Volunteer Opportunities 

Don’t hesitate, don’t delay. Get Involved with Your League today!


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