Our Website, A Short Video Tutorial

Our Website, A Short Video Tutorial

LWV of Orange Coast Webpage Video Tutorial Title Page

Need Help Navigating Our Website?

Now, there's help for those who may be uncomfortable with technology. Or maybe you are new to our site. I'll wager that even long-time users will even learn something new.  Watch this seven minute video introduction to our Coast LWV website.

  Watch in Full Screen on Desktop or Laptop    (Easier to see details, YouTube, 7 min)

  Watch on handheld devices - tablets and phones    (May be more difficult to see details, same video)

This video is the brainchild of Petti Van Rekom, who also narrates it.  It was produced by Calvin Ligh of Ligh Creative Design Studio and written by me for the LWV of Orange Coast.  Many, many thanks to Petti and Calvin! 
Jan Dye, Web Manager


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